No More Fish Oil Breath…

Did your mom ever make you take cod liver oil as a kid?

Mine did.

Talk about disgusting… blah!

But long before Omega3 fatty acids were getting all of the
media attention, apparently my mom (and her dad before that)
already knew the benefits of fish oil!

I didn’t think cod liver oil was worth the bad taste as a kid,
so as soon as I moved out of the house, I quit taking it!

(Sorry, mom!)

It wasn’t until recently that a friend of mine, Roger Dagenais,
developed a brilliant product that gives all the benefits of
cod liver oil, without the horrid fishy taste or oil residue!

You can learn how Roger’s breakthrough in Omega 3-6-9
Formulation can:

–> Promote a healthy immune system
–> Maintain a balanced mood and higher energy levels
–> Promote healthy cholesterol levels
–> Keep unhealthy inflammation in check
–> And support a well-functioning nervous system

You can learn exactly how to activate these health benefits
within your own body for incredible health.

I’ve made the change (I take it regularly and love the simplicity of it!) – and
I know my mom would be proud!

How about you?

Click on the link below to learn what a proper dose of omega 3-6-9’s
can do for your health:

You’ll also learn about why you need the right balance of
Omega3‘s, Omega-6’s and Omega 9’s!

Have a great, healthy day! (without fish breath 🙂

Yours for excellent health,

p.s. If you don’t mind the taste of cod liver oil, by all means,
go ahead and save two or three dollars a month taking it straight
from the bottle! It’s very healthy for you! But for me, I think
it’s worth the extra few cents a day to get all the benefits
(and more) without the terrible taste.


2 Responses to No More Fish Oil Breath…

  1. Mom says:

    Hi Joe………… Glad you are taking cod liver oil again…….. I still use the gross liquid stuff. I better go take mine again right now before I forget. Thanks for reminding me ..Mom

  2. Larry Kuo says:

    Hello Joe,

    I continue to enjoy all your articles, even when they don’t apply to me or my family, because what you are saying makes sense and full of common sense. Please continue to do your excellent work and good luck with best regards,


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