Are your energy levels low? This should help…

Today I was running on the treadmill watching some sailing competition on TV, when all of a sudden I realized that my energy level has been GREAT for about 8 or 9 months now!

 Some people, when they start on a new multi-vitamin from an MLM company, will boast about new energy they feel from taking the new vitamins… but in reality, in my opinion, it’s a combination of MUCH MORE than just taking vitamins.

 For me, it started when I decided to quit drinking pop – regular or diet – or sugar drinks (like Gatorade) altogether… and replacing them with pure filtered water.

Drinking water instead of anything else (except an occasional cup of coffee or maybe some real fresh-squeezed fruit juice once in awhile) will go a looooooong way in boosting your energy. I could get into science to explain why, but if you’re not already drinking mostly ONLY water every day, I’d like to challenge you to do just that. Drink at least 64 ounces a day, every day.

What else contributed to my energy boost?

Find out more in my next post!



2 Responses to Are your energy levels low? This should help…

  1. Marvil says:

    Great Post and very timely as my college age son is very low on energy and high on the consumption of pop and sweets. I forwarded him this blog entry. thanks so much. MN

  2. Natasha says:

    Hi joe…
    I think it is great you have experienced this…and, I must say, perhaps much of it is due to your mental attitude. There has been recent scientific reports that one does not necessarily need to take a vitamin supplement nor does one need to drink at least 64 fluid oz (1 gallon) of water a day – that we get enough fluid through food consumption and including minerals.

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