High Blood Pressure Remedy Report…

Today I’m announcing a pre-release special offer for our brand-new High Blood Pressure Remedy Report! Visit this link for more details:


We are working diligently on a “normal” sales page that explains all of the benefits of our report, including testimonials by our customers who’ve already gotten a sneak-peak at the report, and the story behind this report, etc… but it’s taking longer to finish than I had hoped for, so, today… You can get your own full-fledged copy of the 35-page report today at a 20% “pre-launch” discount.

You can also get a nicely printed & bound copy for an additional $6.00, which we will mail to you so it shows up to your door within 2 business days.

As all of our other “remedy reports”, this report comes with a full 6-month 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

If you have any questions, please email us at support@bartonpublishing.com

Yours for excellent health, and lower blood pressure!


p.s. I truly believe this is our best report ever. It is very well written, thoroughly researched, and very comprehensive.

p.p.s. When you invest in your health today, you will save 20% off the regular price, PLUS you will receive lifetime updates and upgrades on our special members-only update list – which we offer for all our reports, so you learn about the latest remedies and tips as they become available.


4 Responses to High Blood Pressure Remedy Report…

  1. Fred Halbach says:

    Wow!!! I have been reflux free for a couple of months now. I was sceptical at first but not any more.
    Thank you for the information. The cost of your info was a small fraction of the cost of suffering from acid reflux. You can use my testamonial if you like. If you would like a better one just ask it would be my pleasure.
    in HIS service; Fred Halbach

  2. Gij La says:

    I felt like I was dying. I knew I had acid reflux and was on double doses of the purple pill. That did not help me. I stayed in for days because of the pain. I stopped eating, except for miniscule amounts of food, ie; banana or a piece of bread. I got myself to the computer while in dire pain. I was desperate. I came to this website that told me that they had the cure. I saw a picture of an APPLE. I knew I had an apple in the fridge thrown in the back somewhere. I got the apple and started eating it while on the computer reading about the cure. I swear, sure as I’m sitting here, as I slowly chewed the apple (no skin) my horrible pain began to subside. I couldn’t believe it. I chewed that apple to the core (no seeds). I told everyone I knew including the doctor. I said that I had to sign a promisory note that I wouldn’t hurt the doctor for not telling me about the apple. I also made copies of the cure for my family and friends who have acid reflux. I wanted to leave a copy of the “cure” in the gastroenterologist’s office by the magazines, but I didn’t.
    After a couple weeks, I was able to eat almost anything, but nothing overboard. I stopped the hot food, but I am still able to eat “flaming hots” lol… and other spicy foods in moderation. There is nothing I don’t eat within reason. I don’t have to eat an apple everyday anymore. But when I do, I eat the apple after my meal.
    I had been to three doctors and was hospitalized for acid reflux. For 5 years I was on every one of the acid reflux medicines that are offered. Not one doctor had ever told me about the apple. All they said was not to drink coffee. Well, I drink Starbucks decaf (houseblend) which is delicious, and I also drink Chinese Jasmine tea everyday (with caffeine). I drink wine occasionally and in the summer I like a beer now and then. I eat chocolate too.
    This was truly a miracle for me. Thank God that people help one another by sharing information.

  3. […] High Blood Pressure Remedy Report… Today I’m announcing a pre-release special offer for our brand-new High Blood Pressure Remedy Report! Visit this […] […]

  4. S says:


    I am a competitor of yours, and just wanted to drop a line and say what a worthy adversary you are.


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