8 Tips to Naturally Cure Male Impotency

Of the 15-30 million American men who consistently are unable to achieve or maintain an erection, about 80-90% of the erectile dysfunctions are caused by physical problems. The Good News about physical problems, you have the ability to naturally cure your impotence problem! Here are some helpful tips to get you back on track with your love life again.

8 Tips to Naturally Cure Male Impotency

1. Fats are BAD! Start watching your daily fat intake! Begin by trying to have less than 60-70 grams of fat per day. Watch out for desserts, grains and processed foods!

2. Cholesterol is a Killer! Both to your arteries and erections. Beware of foods from animals or animal products and go gentle on processed foods and desserts. These foods clog arteries around the area of the penis causing impotence.

3. Exercise! You would be surprised what a simple 10-15 minute walk would do for your love life. And did you know that exercise can be addicting if you start out SLOW and continue to push yourself to more difficult workouts.

4. Jasmine can help! Purchase oils or candles containing the aphrodisiac scent and place oils/candles throughout bedroom. Give Jasmine a few weeks to work its magic

5. Rise early! Did you know? If you get enough sleep (8 hours) and rise by 6 AM you will more productive throughout the day and more productive in the bed! Try to make it a habit!

6. Eat a good balanced breakfast, eat a nutritional lunch and eat a light dinner around 5-6 pm. You will have more energy than ever before!

7. Fibers, Fruits and Vegetables! Center your diet and eating foods high in dietary fiber and healthy fruits and vegetables. Impotence will not stand a chance.

8. Ginkgo means Go! The herb ginkgo, found in most health food stores, will improve blood flow to the penis’s veins and arteries, which may help reverse impotence. Give 6-8 weeks for the herb to show results.

Congratulations! You have just begun the journey to cure impotence. Follow these tips daily and you will begin to notice a difference in the first few weeks. However, there are also hundreds of other guidelines you can follow to cure impotence naturally at home. Including the a variety of foods you should eat, what foods you should stay away from, what you should and should NOT drink, what vitamins you are taking, a variety ways to meditate, numerous ways to cure impotence and much more! Our website will lead you to a beacon of information which has helped hundreds of people cure impotence NATURALLY with no side effects… GUARENTEED! Please do not waste another night and get back what time has stolen from you. Your significant other will thank you! Please visit our site today and see what readers are saying!


Yours for Excellent Health,

Joe Barton


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