Coping with Lyme Disease: How to Naturally Cure Your Lyme Symptoms.

Lyme Disease can frankly be a living nightmare. Millions of people each day cope with the symptoms of Lyme Disease. Do these lyme symptoms seem familiar? Extreme fatigue, constant headaches, muscle aches, fever, stiffness, bulls eye rash, inconsistent sleep habits and don’t forget the emotional pain! Today could be a new beginning for you as you naturally cure your Lyme Disease Symptoms.

Start Treating Lyme Naturally Today with 5 tips!

1. Get Fruity! Did you know that most Americans are not getting enough Vitamin C and fiber? Go to your local grocery store and load up on frest fruits to help that immune system fight lyme.

2. Daily Multi-Vitamins. Are you part of the millions who do not take multi-vitamins? If you are, you will have a weaker immune system and suffer from less energy throughout the day. Lyme disease loves a weak immunity.

3. At least 12 glasses a day! Your body is almost three-quarters water! You need at least twelve full glasses of water a day while fighting lyme. Hint: Your urine should always be clear.

4. Sharp or Dull Pain? For immediate relief to aches and pains from lyme disease. Use a ice pack (cold) for sharp pains and use a hot pack (castor oil) for dull pains.

5. Grapefruit Seed Extract. Grapefruit Seed Extract has been clinically proven to fight against harmful bacteria in the body. It can be found at some grocery stores and health food stores.

Finally, if you are in need of immediate pain relief please do not delay in treating yourself…WE HAVE A CURE! Barton Publishing Inc. guarantees a natural cure that will work in less than 3 days. We will also provide you with information to keep you and your family safe from lyme. Please take some time to check out our website… we would love to help!

Cure Lyme Disease Website

Yours for Excellent Health,

Joe Barton


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