Can Exercise Cure Your Depression? What Studies Show Might Surprise You?

Can you cure depression by simply going to the gym? The answer to that question might have you finally buying that club membership. According to a report published in Psychosomatic Medicine, regular (3-4 times per week) exercise may fight depression just as effectively as prescription medication (anti-depressants).

How Exercise Can Help Cure Depression

According to the research, patients who followed a modest exercise program fared as well as patients who took a particular popular anti-depressant. Almost 200 diagnosed depression sufferers followed one of three depression treatment programs: Exercise, Anti-Depressant Drug, or a Combination of Exercise and Anti-Depressant Drug. The group followed the program for a four month period and all three groups had lower depression rates at the end of the trial. However, follow-up examinations six months later on the subjects revealed that the exercise group experienced significantly lower relapse rates than the anti-depressants medication groups.

Can Depression be Cured Naturally?

Can curing depression naturally by exercise be more beneficial than anti-depressants? Many depression specialists speculate that many people thrive when knowing they are in control of their mental state by exercising. Medicated patients are often less improved because of the reliance on anti-depressants and knowing they do not control their moods. In fact, because of this research, thousands are turning to curing depression naturally without anti-depressants. As well as exercise, depression sufferers have also included: which foods to eat, which foods not to eat, what specific exercises cure depression, what herbs can be taken, and what vitamins should be considered that help cure depression.

Is the Natural Cure for You?

What would you rather have control you? A pill or yourself? If a natural cure was 100% guaranteed would you consider trying it? Barton Publishing Inc. specializes in research and education of safe, affordable natural remedies for numerous ailments including depression. Thousands of people have successfully chosen Barton Publishing Inc. to help with their illnesses because of their testimonials, reputation and 100% money-back guarantees for all of their natural remedies. If you are interested in curing depression with drugs…guaranteed! Please check out our website today! Hope is only clicks away!Naturally Cure Depression Website


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