Bad Breath Halitosis Cure! Try These Tips Before You Seek Help!

Before you spend the big bucks to visit the doctor and buy prescription drugs with dangerous side-effects that often don’t work. Take a week or two and try some basic halitosis fighting tips. Most often, halitosis is simply caused by improper oral hygiene (not bushing, flossing, scraping and cleaning of the teeth, tongue and mouth in the correct way). However, with more severe cases, you might want to consider other foods, liquids and herbs that might be helpful to end halitosis. First a quick look at halitosis!

Bad Breath Halitosis Facts!

Halitosis affects millions and is usually caused by a build up of bacteria on the tongue or between the teeth. Even though many mouth washes claim to help, halitosis can not be simply cured by your common mouthwash. However, you can do other things that cure halitosis! Consider these halitosis fighting tips!

Treating Bad Breath Tips

1. Wet Your Whistle! This weird expression holds some truth to fighting halitosis. However, if you suffer from dry mouth (could be from medications), you might want to consider a switch or increase your water intake (10-12 glasses per day).

2. Consider a Tongue Scraper! What’s a tongue scraper? Simply put, it scrapes your tongue. You can pick one up at any pharmacy store. A tongue scraper simply scrapes the bacteria (the white or yellow substance) off of your tongue.

3. Brush! You should be brushing twice a day for two minutes each time! If your job permits it, take a tooth brush to work and brush on your break. If you do not have a tongue scraper, you can simply use your toothbrush (dipped in mouthwash) to brush your tongue.

4. Floss! You should be flossing at least once a day! This is a habit you should start now if you want to keep your teeth the rest of your life! This will also remove the food between your teeth that could be causing bad breath!

5. Educate yourself about foods, vitamins and herbs that also help with treating bad breath! Knowledge of what causes halitosis will lead to the cure to your bad breath!

I hope this helps with beginning to treat your bad breath! Take a minute and check out my protected website which has helped hundreds cure their halitosis. My company offers a 6 month guarantee on everything you need to know to naturally cure your bad breath. In fact, our 100 % guaranteed natural cure is one-fourth the price of simply seeing a doctor.

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Yours for Excellent Health,



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