Kidney Stones Dissolved and Passed! A true story!

Hi friends! 

There are days when you feel like you have a purpose and when I receive e-mails/phone calls like this…. I know I serve a purpose.   I am writing you because I am excited to tell you about one of my kidney stone customers!  Terry McDonald had a total of 3 kidney stones and his pain was insurmountable!  However, after his wife found my natural cure for kidney stone website, Dissolve Your Kidney Stones and Pass Them From Home…Guaranteed and prepared our 2 ingredient guaranteed home remedy… Terry passed his 3 kidney stones. Here is what Beth wrote us following his cure!
“I ordered Barton Publishing Kidney Stone Report for my husband. He woke one morning with a kidney stone, doubled over in pain. We found your website on the internet and ordered your report. Within 3 hours from the time he woke up, he passed one. He passed 3 all totaled over 2 days. THANK YOU for the opportunity to buy this!!!” ~ Beth McDonald

It is always a blessing to recieve these testimonials from my customers. In fact, many of our testimonials are from people who recieved the Kidney Stone Report from a caring friend, spouse or relative. If you are interested in dissolving and passing your kidney stones (or know a friend who is in misery from kidney stones) please check out my Webstie and discover why our home-remedy is RIGHT for you (and your friend)! I can’t tell you a better gift than the blessing of finally passing a kidney stone… and you can’t lose because our home remedy is 100% guaranteed… or you don’t pay a cent!

Dissolve Your Kidney Stones and Pass Them From Home…Guaranteed

Thanks and keep your stories coming! 🙂

Yours for Excellent Health,



5 Responses to Kidney Stones Dissolved and Passed! A true story!

  1. Abu Hood says:


    I am from the other side of the world from your home and somehow reached your web site after looking around for natural ways to get rid of kidney stones.

    I have passed so far about 9 stones in the past 5 years and my latest scan show that I have 9 more stones in the left kidney and 10 in the right with one of about 12mm size in the left which I think is causing me the pain in the last 3 months with plenty of blood coming with the urine.

    How effective is your remedy for such case like mine?

    By the way the analysis on the stones shows that they are Calcium Oxalate.

    I am due soon for my 2nd X Ray and have appointment for my first Lithotripsy in two months (can’t imagine that I will stay with my pain for 2 more months !!)

    Forgot to mention that in my country having kidney stones is a common thing as most here have a high protein diet (lots of meat) and it could be related to something in the water.

    Abu Hood from Oman

  2. Abu Hood:

    Greetings from the U.S. It is great hearing from you considering the misfortune of your kidney stone condition! I can try to understand the pain you are going through by the hundreds of stories I hear! In fact, hundreds of our kidney stone sufferers come from similar cultures around the world (high protein diets and sometimes lack of water). Whatever the case, I still would recommend our kidney stone home remedy.

    How effective our home remedy? I believe honesty is one of the most important virtues so I can not lie. Our remedy is not 100% effective. However, 256 of the last 300 people who have used my remedy have passed their kidney stones without pain! I update my website regularly and I take it you know that 80% of my customers have passed their kidney stones using my home remedy.

    Most kidney stones (figures show 80%) are made of calcium oxalate and are less than 5mm in diameter, this is significantly smaller than yours. Also, some kidney stones are simply too large to dissolve using any natural remedy. You might just need to try it out!

    Abu, I would recommend purchasing the Kidney Stone Report immediately (report will be sent to your computer (HTML or PDF)) and trying the remedy. Considering, the amount and the size of the kidney stones, I am not sure if all the kidney stones will be dissolved and passed. However, I will still give you are 6-month, money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our home-remedies (6 included in report). Most of my customers only need our most popular remedy.

    I hope this helps! And if you do purchase and pass them… please let me know! Here is a link of my website!

    Best of luck!


  3. Abu Hood says:


    What do you have to say about this web site … it is a copy of your web site

    Abu Hood

  4. Abu:

    both sites are mine! I recently hired a computer savvy guy to redo all my websites and put it under my homepage of! In the process, I bought another site name and we are still in the process of tying up the loose ends!

    i would recommend the following site b/c its our most recent and it also shows us that you found our site through our blog! (this allows me to focus more attention to our free information on our blogs) i recommend you give it a shot and let me know how it goes! you really have nothing to loose except your kidney stones! 🙂

    good luck,

  5. A great read, very informative
    Been looking for a blog like this one for a while
    Keep up the good work.


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