Kidney Stones Natural Treatment: How Phosphoric Acid Can Dissolve 80% of Kidney Stones

I love math! It was my favorite subject throughout the first 22 years of my life. In fact, I even have a degree in accounting and worked as an accountant for 5 years right after college. Numbers were my life! And then I met Natural Health and it changed the course of my life! But I still love numbers!

And I want to talk to you about the number 80! Or more specifically, the number 80%!

Did you know that almost 80% of kidney stones can be dissolved and passed naturally with a simple Kidney Stones Natural Treatment? That means that 8 out 10 people can naturally dissolve and pass their kidney stones without stepping foot in a hospital. And about 2 in every 10 kidney stone sufferers will need to use traditional treatments such as surgery to remove kidney stones because of kidney stone composition or stone size.

If I was a betting man, I would bet you could dissolve and pass your kidney stone with one trip to the grocery store. Let me explain!

Kidney Stones Natural Treatment
 vs. Surgery

First, I am a natural health expert and about 50 hours of my week are devoted to natural health wellness! It’s my job and I take pride in what I do! I love researching the latest cutting edge remedies and discovering what works and what’s quack! But my favorite part of my job is hearing from my company’s customers! I receive numerous e-mails each day hearing what worked and didn’t work for treating a sufferer’s ailments. If it works; I document it. If it doesn’t work; I document it and refund the remedy.

And do you know what consistently works to dissolve and pass kidney stones (and is the most popular natural remedy)? A simple Kidney Stones Natural Treatment using phosphoric acid and a high water-soluble vegetable. In laymen’s terms, that means a high dosage of soft drink (containing phosphoric acid) and a miracle flushing vegetable that cleanses your kidneys in less than 12 hours! You can dissolve and pass your kidney stone(s) in less than a day!

Why am I telling you this? Because the medical industry makes billions of dollars each year from ‘misinformed’ victims who shell out hard-earned money to have kidney stone surgery. When the surgery is UNNEEDED! In fact, kidney stone surgery is sky-rocketing at we entered the 21st century and hospitals and doctors could not be happier. In some cases, kidney stone surgery is required (kidney stones bigger than 1.2 cm might require surgery). However, 90% of kidney stones are less than 5 mm or smaller! In other words, a Kidney Stones Natural Treatment will work 90% of the time.

Kidney Stones Natural Treatment- How phosphoric acid works

Kidney stones develop when you become dehydrated (not getting enough water) for an extended period of time. Most of my customers typically live in hot, humid areas or areas where clean water is more difficult to come by. If your body (your body is 75% water) is not getting enough water to flush and cleanse itself, a calcium oxalate kidney stone will the result in the kidney. But how does phosphoric acid dissolve them?

‘Acid’… what do you think of? I think of something eroding away because I have seen what battery acid can do to paint or metal. And this is kind of how phosphoric acid works.

Phosphoric acid is a natural acid found in various fruits and it is also added to some soft drinks to maintain the tangy flavor. Natural acid is NOT bad for you (Vitamin C is ascorbic acid) because of your stomach lining which even contains stomach acid.

But kidney stones don’t stand a chance against phosphoric acid. In fact, phosphoric acid can erode the paint right off a car and enamel off a tooth! And phosphoric acid can dissolve kidney stones too.

Is a Natural Remedy Guaranteed?

Yes and No! Yes, I guarantee our remedy to work every time! However, of our last 300 Kidney Stones Natural Treatment Report sold, 256 people passed their kidney stones without any pain. 44 people were unable to pass their kidney stone(s). That means about 85% of kidney stone sufferers will pass their kidney stones.

Are you tired of dealing with kidney stone pain? Are you dreading the kidney stone surgery that awaits you? Are you willing to try a 100% guaranteed Kidney Stones Natural Treatment that is step-by-step and works in 12 hours?

Please visit our secured website and see if our simple remedy and our promised guaranteed is right for you.

Kidney Stones Natural Treatment

Yours for Excellent Health,



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