Natural Gallstones Cure- Do you fall in with the Gallstone Four F’s?

Ok, I admit it! I occasionally find myself watching Oprah in the middle of the afternoon! But who doesn’t? Recently, I discovered Oprah discussing gallstones and immediately I inched to the edge of my seat. After all, my business revolves around gallstones so how could I resist. And I learned a few things I didn’t know. One has to deal with the financial side of gallbladder surgery and the other has to do with the four F’s.

If you are diagnosed with gallstones then you will probably be part of one of the most common surgeries of the west. And if you are part of that statistic, chances are you also fall into the four F’s: being overweight (fat), near the age of forty, female and fertile. Does this describe you? Because you are the perfect candidate for a natural gallstones cure!

The Four F’s

Being Overweight- It is reported that 2 and 3 adults are overweight and 1 and 4 adults are obese. Have you checked your body mass index (BMI) lately? If you are overweight according to your body mass index, then you are a likely candidate for gallstones. It would be recommended for gallstone prevention and overall health to begin a diet and exercise program today.

40 Years Young- If you are around your 40s, you are officially in the in-between stage of life. Though you might think that things are not working like they used to, you are only half way through in the race of life. But statistically, this is the age of life where gallstones seem to develop at a higher rate. Most researchers believe this stage of life is characterized by young adult eating habits with old adults body functioning; unfortunately, this is a catalyst for gallstones.

Female- There are pros and cons to everything and gallstones are definitely a con to being a woman. Statistically, females are more prone to gallstones than males. In fact, women between the ages of 20 and 60 years are three times more likely to develop gallstones than men. Why is this? Most people agree that females are more prone to gallstones because of on average a higher body mass index. And on average, women are more likely to live a sedentary lifestyle which is also an indicator for the disease.

Fertile- Fertile is a marker of exposure to higher levels of hormones during pregnancy, which is also a time when higher rates of gallstone formation have been documented.

The Poison of Gallbladder Surgery

As the old cliché states, “Pick Your Poison.” And it applies with gallstones.

Gallstones are the most common and also the most costly disease in the United States, causing more than 800,000 hospitalizations annually at an estimated cost in the 5 billion dollar range. It has been reported that some cholecystectomies (gallbladder surgery) have even cost up to $17,000. It has also been reported that over 20 million Americans have gallstones and almost another million will be added to that figure every year.


And to make matters worse. Gallbladder surgery will often leave the patient with diarrhea and bloated for many years to come. But this is not the worst of it. Researchers from Europe have documented an increased risk of developing colon and/or bowel cancer after gallbladder surgery.

So I might ask you, “Pick your poison?” if you choose to go through with gallbladder surgery.

Natural Gallstones Cure

About half a million gallbladder surgeries will be performed this year; about half a million surgeries are unneeded. In other words, you can naturally dissolve and flush gallstones with various natural treatments that are more effective than surgery, and you get to keep your God-given organ. Two or our most successful treatments for cholesterol-based gallstones are the following:

1. A Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse- A popular treatment has always been a liver and gallbladder cleanse. The liver’s job is to remove the incredible number of toxins built-up in your body. These toxins include a wide array of pollutants, including excess fats, alcohol or anything we ingest that needs to be filtered through the body. A natural liver and gallbladder cleanse helps eliminate buildup of excess toxins and allows the liver to keep performing at its maximum capacity. The cleanse uses natural ingredients such as grapefruit, lemons and extra virgin oil to help the gallstone pass. It could pass in less than 24 hours.

2. A Clean Food Cleanse- Another popular cleanse is the ‘clean food’ cleanse. Clean foods are simply foods in their natural state. Therefore, you should avoid foods that are processed, packaged and usually restaurant-prepared. Any foods that are fresh and raw are perfect for the cleanse. It should also be considered to try organic foods when possible. The cleanse will typically last for 4 days. Please check out our report for a list of what foods are a must!

Got Organ?

Are you interested in keeping your organ? Are you interested in saving thousands of dollars? Are you interested in not having to deal with diarrhea the rest of your life? Are you interested in trying a natural gallstone cure that has guaranteed results or you pay nothing? Please check out how our Natural Gallstones Cure Report can be a beacon of information to flush and prevention gallstones for good!

Natural Gallstones Cure

Research proves by naturally cleansing your liver and gallbladder, you can pass your gallstone(s) in hours. Joe Barton guarantees a step-by-step natural gallstones cure that works in hours.

Natural Gallstones Cure

An Oprah fan???



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