Naturally Prevent Gallstones with Diet- Treating Gallstones with Nutrition

Over a half a million gallbladder surgeries are performed each year. Billions of dollars are stolen from families’ savings. And after the surgery, thousands question if removing their gallbladder, an organ, was the right decision. What decision will you make?

Barton Publishing has been in the gallstone remedy business for over 5 years and would like to share with you some GREAT news! Treating gallstones with nutrition is the first step for preventing future gallstones from forming! And spoken right from the mouth of our company’s natural health doctor, Dr. Saunders, “You can naturally dissolve and flush your gallstones with a simple body flush and proper nutrition.” Let me explain why you might be in the perfect condition to naturally treat gallstones, save thousands and cancel that dreaded surgery.

A Miraculous Thing

If you or a loved one is experiencing the pain and misery that accompanies a gallstone, than you know about the nausea, vomiting and chills. And if you leave the gallstones untreated, they will cause a severe fever and a possible gallbladder infection. You might have been to the doctor to be diagnosed with Acute Cholecystitis which is an inflamed gallbladder. And as you read this, gallstones are blocking your bile ducts which are causing the body to feel crippled.

And it’s a miraculous thing, right? No, not the pain of a gallstone. But knowing that your miraculous body is letting you know that something is wrong and you must change something ASAP! In this case, it means your diet. And if you do, the symptoms of acute cholecystitis will go away if you treat them correctly. And whoever designed this miraculous machine we call the human body also designed it to be naturally treated of gallstones. In fact, your body was designed to flush itself naturally if giving the correct tools to do it. Do you know what those tools are?

But why isn’t your family doctor telling you this? Well unfortunately, the old cliché that ‘money makes the world turn’ might apply to gallbladder surgery. And from the standpoint of our medical doctor, “You should always try to dissolve and flush your gallstones first before you remove your organ, the gallbladder.”

And even more of a travesty than this, your doctor won’t hesitate to suggest surgery but might have forgotten to mention that without a gallbladder, your risk of bowel and/or colon cancer sky-rocket greatly.

I would suggest letting your miraculous body do the work!

Naturally Prevent Gallstones with Diet

It has been estimated that over 25 million people suffer from gallstones in America alone. And these numbers will only increase as the American diet is becoming more and more of a catalyst for gallstones. But since gallstones are caused by you diet, gallstones can also be prevented by a diet rich in water-soluble fiber (let me explain) and low saturated fat foods.

And besides preventing the pain associated with this disease, you will also add years to your life, feel healthier, save thousands in medical costs and never have to worry about gallstones again!

Here are a few tips we tell our customers after they flush their stones.

Avoid these Foods

Gallstones have been around for thousands of years and have been treated for thousands of years. As you can imagine, a diet hundreds of years ago consisted of animal meat or animal based fats. And this diet caused many gallstone problems. And if they could naturally flush their stones; you could too!

Here are what you foods you should pass on: fast foods; oily foods; spicy foods; read meats; eggs; pork; onions; fowl; milk; corn; beans; and nuts. And if you choose to eat meat, pick low cholesterol foods such as white meats and each in moderation. Fresh fish is always the best choice or any foods low in cholesterol.

Foods that Prevent Gallstones

After flushing your gallstones, the best way to treat gallstones is to prevent them. And you can prevent your gallstones with one word… fiber. Actually, water-soluble fiber is the best fiber! And the reason why fiber will be your best friend is because it creates a natural flush for your body. The cholesterol that forms into gallstones will be naturally flushed from your body with fiber!

Here is a recommended list of foods you might want to jot down! Any fruit or vegetable is a great place to start. As you probably know, the more fruits or vegetables you might eat; the more regular you become and the more cholesterol you flush!

These foods also have a high water-soluble fiber count: alfalfa, apples, artichokes, barley, beets, broccoli, carrots, celery, fennel, grapefruit, horseradish, lemons, mustard greens, olive oil radishes, spinach greens, water chestnuts, watermelon and garlic.

For a complete list please check out our website.

Flush and Pass Your Gall Stones in Less than 24 hours

Our company has helped tens of thousands of people dissolve and flush gallstones and prevent them. These dieting tips are just the beginning of treating your gallstones by prevention. If you do suffer from gallstones we would love to help. Imagine your gallstones being flushed by tomorrow night and keeping it flushed.

What is the most effective natural gallstone flush? Why taking a specific amount of Vitamin C could change the composition of gallstone-forming cholesterol? What herbs will naturally cleanse the gallbladder and liver?

Discover these questions and more by visiting our Gallstones Natural Treatment website today. You could literally save thousands of dollars in the next 24 hours… guaranteed!

Naturally Prevent Gallstones with Diet

Yours for Excellent Health,



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