Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure- 5 Ways to Naturally Cure Hypertension

The ‘Silent Killer’ is a disease to take seriously and I hope that you don’t read this article and think you can throw away your medications today. But, you might be able to throw them away after a couple months of using these helpful home remedies for high blood pressure.

Instead of popping pills to slow your heart rate or relax your arteries synthetically, you can cure the CAUSE of this deadly disease and permanently forget about your high blood pressure.

High blood pressure also called hypertension is a disease that results from many or a few poor lifestyle habits. This disease contributes to over 200,000 deaths each year and costs us well into the billions. Not to mention those families who have to lose a loved one for no apparent reason because you can naturally cure hypertension with good lifestyle habits.

Here are 5 home remedies for high blood pressure that will lower your score in weeks.

5 Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

1. Know Your B.M.I.- Your Body Mass Index (B.M.I.) will be a good indicator if you need to shed a few pounds or 40+ pounds. A good tip would be to Google the term ‘BMI’ and see if you fall in the overweight or obese weight. If so, you should try to attempt to lose 1-2 pounds per week by exercising, eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

2. Live Stress-Free- Did you know that stress is also a major cause for high blood pressure? Some helpful tips are some simple breathing exercises you can do at the convenience of your office desk. I would also recommend making a 5 minute habit to set back with your eyes closed and just relax. I use this time to pray! Research has proven less stress reduces high blood pressure.

3. Vitamin D- You can supplement this common vitamin or you can also just get some sunlight. Some of my customers have even started using a tanning membership. Vitamin D is essential for a healthy immune system and has been also shown to possibly lower blood pressure.

4. Pack the Potassium- Potassium is by far the best nutrient you could have if you suffer from the ‘silent killer’. Potassium has been shown to lower your score by as much as 20 points by Duke Research. However, by getting too much sodium (salt) you can off-set the impact of potassium to your pressure. We would recommend you consume potassium-rich foods and also use a potassium supplement to get at least 4,700 mg per day.

5. Clear Out the Plaque! – Pack on the fiber and water-soluble fiber immediately. You should begin to eat fiber with every meal to help clear out the excess gunk in your body and keep your pressure low. I would suggest oat bran, whole grains, many vegetables and many fruits. This type of diet will make you more regular and will also keep your arteries clear of plaque build-up.

Make High Blood Pressure a Memory

Are you serious about your health? Do you want to add 10+ years to your life? Are you tired of popping synthetic medications everyday?

If you are interested in a guaranteed to work natural home remedies for high blood pressure, please visit our website today and see why thousands are permanently curing their disease, shedding pounds and feeling 15 years younger. Whether you’re missing out on essential vitamins or you are not eating the correct foods, our home remedies for high blood pressure will allow you to become a hypertension natural health expert.

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Joe Barton and Barton Publishing Inc. guarantee a home remedy for high blood pressure that works or you don’t pay a cent. To discover why thousands are tossing the medication and going natural, visit us today.

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure


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