Kidney Stones Treatments- Natural Ways to Dissolve and Cure Kidney Stones

Choosing one out of the many kidney stones treatments can be a difficult decision, especially if you are unaware of your options. In most traditional settings, most people choose to listen to their doctor’s recommendations without thinking twice. After all, most doctors recommend giving the kidney stones time to naturally flush themselves with high doses of water. (And most kidney stones will flush naturally if the body is given the right tools.)

But with the newest hype surrounding research-based natural remedies, thousands choose to naturally dissolve and cure kidney stones because they know about 90% of kidney stones dissolve naturally.

Are you questioning why your doctor is charging you hundreds of dollars to check your blood pressure and ask you how much water you are drinking? Did you know that some natural health medical doctors are prescribing simple natural kidney stones treatments that cost less than $10 for ingredients? If a 50 year old natural kidney stones remedy works, why not use it?

Why Your Body Can Pass Kidney Stones Naturally

You know the pain that feels like a knife inside your lower back! You feel like vomiting and the nausea is never ending. All of this is natural and your body is trying to tell you that your kidneys are blocked with stones.

Though you might think there is little hope, you’re wrong. Because about 90% of stones can be passed naturally without surgery or medication. If your kidney stones are made of calcium oxalate (which 85% are) then you have a great chance of dissolving the calcium naturally. If your kidney stones are 7 mm or less (which 90% of kidney stones are 5 mm or less) then you have another great chance of passing your stones.

All the body needs is a specific type of acid that can be found in soft drinks. Phosphoric acid has been consumed by man for decades upon decades now. Besides consumption, it is also used for industrial purposes to remove rust. With direct application to rusted iron, steel tools, or surfaces to convert rust to a water-soluble phosphate compound. In other words, it dissolves substances as hard as steel rust.

How does this apply to kidney stones? Kidney stones are typically made of calcium that can be dissolved naturally if saturated in concentrated phosphoric acid. The problem lies in how phosphoric acid can get to the kidneys and how to flush the dissolved calcium once the reaction takes place.

The good news is this kidney stones treatment has an 80% success rate. Are you ready to be stone-free?

Cure Kidney Stones and Prevent Them

Most of our customers stay kidney stone free because they become kidney stone prevention experts and feeling the pain of kidney stones once is one time too many. Here is a list of Kidney Stone Prevention Tips that may help you stay stone-free.

1. Drink half your body weight in water. If you weigh 180 lbs., you should be drinking 90 ounces of water per day.

2. Get 8 hours of sleep. For optimal health, you should always get 8 hours of sleep. Your body runs on a natural schedule so keeping a routine is also key!

3. Cranberry Juice! Cranberry juice helps maintain your urinary tract. Make sure the juice is from concentrate and the natural acids will benefit you greatly.

4. Drink fruit and vegetable juices such as carrot, grape, and orange juices. Grape juices contain high levels of citrates. Citrates reduce the build up of uric acid and help eliminate the formation of calcium salts. This will help prevent kidney stones.

5. Keep taking calcium! Ironically, low calcium levels in your body can lead to calcium-based kidney stones, so be sure you are receiving an adequate calcium source in your daily diet.

6. Eliminate high sugar foods! High sugar intake is associated with increased risk of kidney stones. Eating foods and drinking beverages with less or no added sugar is a great way to reduce your risk.

7. Exercise! Do you need the 1,000 + benefit list that shows you how exercise benefits your overall health? Go for a 20 minute walk today and get in an exercise routine!

Pass Stones in less than 24 Hours

To learn how you can use our Kidney Stone Remedy Report to naturally dissolve and pass your kidney stones in less than 1 day, please visit us today. We provide a research-based, medical doctor approved, 100% satisfaction guaranteed remedy report with an 80% success rate. In fact, 256 of the last 300 people who have used our remedy have passed their kidney stones naturally. Are you next?

Kidney Stones Treatments

Joe Barton, a natural health expert, has helped thousands of kidney stone suffers! To learn about a 100% guarantee, that doctors won’t even promise, please visit our safe and secure website. Be kidney stone free in 24 hours at Kidney Stones Treatments


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