High Blood Pressure Natural Treatments- Cure Hypertension with Potassium in Days?

You are one of the millions who search for high blood pressure natural treatments each day! Statistics show that you are probably sick of the high blood pressure medication’s side-effects and you are interested in going ‘natural’. Oh, you will also save hundreds of dollars each year too!

You are not alone! There are millions of hypertension sufferers who are holistically (often called natural health) treating their blood pressure disease with simple high blood pressure natural treatments. And the best part about natural health in the case of HBP, it is often more effective than the medications.

Did you know that potassium has been the latest topic in high blood pressure research?

Using Natural Health to Cure Yourself

Only a decade ago were people cringing at the word ‘natural health’. Many people believed that natural remedies were for hippies or witches. I am half joking and half serious.

However, in the course of years that mindset has changed and ‘natural health’ is the newest rave in the medical community. Why was this? Research is beginning to prove that many natural treatments work!

Think about the last time you were in the doctor’s office. Chances are that he told you that you should be drinking lots of fluids and getting adequate rest. Though you probably didn’t think of it, your doctor just recommended some simple natural health tips. Research and studies prove that water has hundreds of benefits to your health and so does hydration.

But what about the other natural remedies that your doctor isn’t telling you? For instance, the element and nutrient potassium has been shown to naturally normalize high blood pressure!

Potassium Normalizes High Blood Pressure

Potassium is required by the body for proper functioning. Potassium can also help the body remove waste, helps with muscle contraction and aids in sending nerve impulses through the body. The problem is that most people are not getting adequate levels of potassium in their diet. This can occur because of a poor diet or because of too much sodium which flushes the nutrient.

In the case of diuretics (common high blood pressure treatment), it can flush potassium as well as sodium from the body. Though your score might be normal, your potassium levels can be rock bottom causing further complications to your body and your blood pressure.

Recently, researchers at Duke University found that getting more potassium could lower blood pressure by as many as 20 points for most at risk people. Some other studies have found reductions of around four points for systolic pressure and two points for diastolic pressure, about half the reduction usually seen when using blood pressure lowering drugs.

In other words, you might be able to normalize your blood pressure with a diet rich in potassium.

Cure Hypertension with Potassium

How much potassium do you need? The recommended daily allowance for potassium is 4,700 milligrams, though most people get much less than that. For instance, one banana is about 400 mg of potassium. That means you would need to eat 10 bananas a day! Yuck!

We recommend a diet rich in potassium and a potassium supplement. Here is a quick list of foods rich in potassium: apricots, avocado, bananas, cantaloupe, melons, kiwi, lima beans, milk, oranges, orange juice, potatoes, prunes, spinach, tomatoes, vegetable juice, meat, fish, and poultry.

Say Good Bye to High Blood Pressure in Days

But there is more than potassium! What vitamins are you taking? What minerals are effective? What breathing techniques cure hypertension? What are you drinking? What foods should you give up? What exercises normalize blood pressure? What should you be drinking with water? Why are sufferers buying garlic supplements?

Discover everything you need to know at our High Blood Pressure Natural Treatments website. We offer the only 100% guaranteed, step by step High Blood Pressure Remedy Report that is risk-free. If you are not satisfied with your score, you can have our remedy for free!

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High Blood Pressure Natural Treatments


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