Kidney Stone Flush – What to Do When Water Won’t Flush Your Kidney Stones?

Many doctors recommend the most common kidney stone flush known to man… water! But what are you suppose to do when water is not working? In various cases, kidney stones are too big or there are too many to flush with water. Though doctors may recommend surgery, you can also try simple remedies that have also been shown to work!

Kidney stones are more common than you might think! In most cases, your doctor is right when saying that you should drink plenty of water and wait. However, many of our customers returned to the hospital numerous times only to hear the same recommendation.

Fortunately, research is now showing that many natural health treatments are highly effective and legitimate. Here are some things you should know about tips for a kidney stone flush!

Naturally Flush Kidney Stones

Here is a list of 10 things you should know about flushing kidney stones naturally.

1. If you already have kidney stones, you have a greater chance of getting them again. You must learn prevention tips that will help you flush the stone minerals before they start to form.

2. Most evidence shows that dehydration is the major cause of kidney stones. Most sufferers come from areas where clean water is rare or hotter climates. With that said, you should drink plenty of water. At least 10 glasses of water a day would be good prevention.

3. The newest evidence is showing that distilled water should be used. Distilled water is water at its purest state with no minerals. Some evidence has shown the tap water can add to the mineral composition of the kidney stones.

4. Research is also showing that spicy foods could lead to formation. A tribe in Fiji has been eating bland foods with no spices has literally no cases of kidney stones. Another tribe whose diet is more acidic and spicy has a lot more cases.

5. Don’t be lazy. You should try to generate a sweat once a day. That is one of my newest health goals because it flushes many impurities from your body. Research also shows that sedentary (inactive) lifestyles are conducive to kidney stones.

6. We have found that 2 prescriptions are always associated with kidney stone formation. If you are taking Diamox or Crixivan, you should talk to your doctor immediately.

7. Most stones are calcium. Ironically, low calcium levels in your body can lead to calcium based kidney stones, so be sure you are receiving an adequate calcium source in your diet.

8. Eliminate high sugar foods. Studies have shown that high sugar intake is associated with increased risk of kidney stones. Eating foods and drinking beverages with less or no added sugar is a perfect way to reduce risk.

9. Flushing your stones can be done with using an acidic diet to break apart kidney stones. Some experts say that phosphoric acid has been shown to be extremely effective with calcium stones.

10. Fiber Foods have been used to flush the body. By eating various water-soluble fiber foods, you can naturally flush many of your organs and sometimes the kidneys.

Kidney Stone Natural Treatment

Prevention is always the best medicine! And these 10 tips will give you the perfect prevention plan for keeping your kidney flushed. However, if you want a 100% guaranteed remedy that works in 24 hours or less, please visit our Kidney Stone Flush Website. Our 2 ingredient, step by step remedy has helped thousands. Are you next?

Researched! Proven! Effective! Joe Barton and Barton Publishing have done the research for you! For a 100% guaranteed, 2 ingredient remedy, please visit our Kidney Stone Flush Remedy Report.

Kidney Stone Flush


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    After reading your post I feel like I have now great knowledge about kidney stones & how to tackle such problems in life without panic.

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    Thanks! I hope you passed your kidney stones! With everything going on with our economy, you can now purchase a Kidney Stone Remdy Report for 50% off.

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