Dissolving Kidney Stones Naturally – 5 Ways to Dissolve and Pass Kidney Stones in Days

Can dissolving kidney stones naturally really be an effective treatment for the disease? Yes and you don’t just have to use only water!

If you have been diagnosed with kidneys stones, you probably have heard the doctor’s recommendation of drinking plenty of fluids, resting and waiting. Unfortunately, most people see the doctor numerous times before their stones pass. Sometimes months of pain! A month’s worth of salary! And countless trips to the bathroom with no avail.

But you can actually dissolving kidney stones naturally and you don’t have to drink water like a camel to do it!

The Truth about Natural Remedies

Why doesn’t your doctor recommend natural remedies? That is a great question and to answer that you need to look what the medical field is centered around. Traditional medical establishments center on medicine, surgery and other medical procedures… not remedies.

Many traditional doctors do not have a clue about simple remedies because they did not learn about them in medical school. This is typically the reason why doctors are so skeptical about natural health. However, many doctors are now studying holistic health because of its popularity and recent research.

But if you do think about it, do you really think your doctor would suggest a remedy? The medical industry is so lucrative because its lifeblood to business is medicine and surgeries. Hospitals and doctors get paid by your sometimes needless treatments.

As natural remedies become more and more popular, look to see natural health to enter various medical establishments!

5 Ways to Pass a Kidney Stone

Not all kidney stones are the same. Most kidney stones are calcium oxalate (80%) and are less than 5 mm in diameter. But some are made up of different materials including uric acid, struvite, crystine, xanthine or silicate. All of these tips are for calcium oxalate because they are the most popular.

1. Prevention! The first step to any treatment that works is prevention. Because there is no use in passing your kidney stones, only to find that more redevelop months later. With that said, in most cases, kidney stones develop because calcium is not getting flushed out of the body. In other words, you are probably dehydrated and you don’t even know it. A good prevention tip is to drink at least 12 tall glasses of water a day.

2. Lifestlye! There are a few things that you should also remember when it comes to this disease. You should avoid spicy foods, reduce your dairy intake (calcium) and moderate you caffeine intake (only one caffeinated drink a day). You should also try to lead a lifestyle that is not sedentary. Try to get out for a daily walk during your lunch break. Make it a goal to run that 5k you always dreamed about.

3. Vitamins! Consider taking a complete B-complex vitamin. B-6 deficiency has been shown to increase the risk of kidney stones. In addition, B-1 deficiency has also been linked to kidney stone formation. It is also recommended to get at least 300 mg of magnesium a day.

4. Phosphoric Acid! This acid is literally a catalyst for breaking apart calcium. Because the liver plays no role in acid base regulation, you can allow phosphoric acid to penetrate the kidney stones and break them up. Obviously, you should be aware that too much acid can also be painful.

5. Fiber! Because water soluble fiber flushes your body like water. You should be eating plenty of fruits and vegetables during your treatment. However, research has been also pointing that apple juice, grapefruit juice, rhubarb, spinach and cranberries should be limited during the treatment.

Be Kidney Stone Free by Tomorrow

These 5 tips are the perfect beginning to your natural treatment and prevention. But this is just the tip of our pyramid of research. If you are interested in passing your kidney stones by tomorrow, please visit our Dissolving Kidney Stones website.

We offer the only 6 month, 100% guarantee on our Kidney Stones Remedy Report that has helped thousands. With an 80% success rate, many natural health doctors are now using this same remedy in their practice. Get your report today!

Natural! Researched! Effective! With a 100% guarantee, Joe Barton and Barton Publishing offer the simplest and most effective Dissolving Kidney Stones Naturally Remedy. Get yours today!

Dissolving Kidney Stones


2 Responses to Dissolving Kidney Stones Naturally – 5 Ways to Dissolve and Pass Kidney Stones in Days

  1. Al Pinsky says:

    I have painful kidney stone. How cab U dissolve it?

  2. Kidney Stones are easy to dissolve. The reason why is because they are typically made up of calcium and are 5 mm or smaller.

    I recommend a 2 ingredient remedy using a phosphoric acidic beverage (found at any convience or grocery store0 and a vegetable which flushes the dissolve stone out.

    You can purchase our Kidney Stone Remedy Report for 50% off. Good luck!



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