Gallstone Dieting –Can Dieting Help You Avoid Surgery and Flush Your Gallstones Naturally?

Gallstone dieting is one the newest treatments for flushing and passing gallstones. Part of the reason is because many people would like to avoid gallbladder surgery, also called a cholecystectomy. Another part of the reason is most people know that gallbladder surgeries are one of the most common surgeries in America and most of them are unneeded and very expensive. And finally, many natural health experts are now suggesting how your diet can help prevent and flush gallstones.

Before you spend thousands of dollars to get your organ, the gallbladder, removed; have you tried passing your gallstone(s) with a healthy dieting plan.

Why Dieting Works?

Dieting is a lifeline to great health. The old saying, “you are what you eat” might have some truth to it. Did you know that most gallstones are caused by eating high fatty and high cholesterol foods?

You can prevent and sometime flush gallstones with using some holistic and natural health tips. Holistic health has been increasing popular in the past decade after scientists have found that your ‘whole’ body’s health has an impact on the smallest organ, like your gallbladder.

Instead of treating the gallbladder to flush your gallstones; many natural health doctors recommend treating your ‘whole’ body with your diet which will treat your body and your gallbladder.

Here are some tips to help you keep your gallbladder and naturally pass your gallstones.

Dieting and a Gallstone Natural Treatment

Most people who find success are those who are dedicated to seeing results. In many situations you can dissolve and pass your gallstones in 24 hours if you follow a strict plan. Take some notes on the following diet suggestions.

Since most gallstones are cholesterol based, it would only seem right that you should do everything you can to avoid foods with cholesterol, fat and sodium. The average diet in most western countries contains about 80 grams of fat per day. You should cut this in half and avoid processed foods for additional help. If you choose to splurge on meat than you should always choose lean, white meats or fish (grilled!).

It is also important to do the fiber thing. Research everywhere is pointing that a high fiber diet is always the healthiest diet because it flushes the body. (Look at the labels!) A general rule of thumb would be to eat at least 6-8 fruits or vegetables a day. We also recommend whole grain foods (wheat bread) with high dietary fiber content. You will notice more bathroom trips but this is good!

Dairy is a big subject when it comes to gallstones. Dairy provides your body with tons of vitamins and minerals which your body needs. However, you need to be drinking fat-free (skim) dairy products. Dairy foods offer all the minerals you need but it also offers you loads of cholesterol. Switch to skim today!

Finally, you will notice that a simpler diet usually equals better health. That is why you should be drinking as much water as possible. Always follow your morning coffee with a tall glass of water. I live by the rule: drink half your body weight in water ounces per day. If you weigh 200 pounds then you should drink 100 ounces of water.

Is There More?

Yes! These 5 or so suggestions are a great place to start if you would like to keep your gallbladder. And if you choose to keep your gallbladder you will also NOT have to deal with the chance of getting bowel or colon cancer which is often related with cholecystectomy surgeries.

And finally, if you would like to naturally pass your gallstones in less than 24 hours, please visit our Gallstone Remedy website. We offer the only research-based Gallstone Remedy Report that is guaranteed to work in 24 hours or less. Start fresh tomorrow and check us out today by learning about an effective liver and gallbladder flush!

Natural! Researched! Guaranteed! A beacon of 22 years of natural health knowledge, Joe Barton and Barton Publishing offer the only Gallstone Remedy Report that works in 24 hours or less. Get yours today!

Flush Gallstones Naturally


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