Remedies for Gout – Secret Gout Remedies that Pharmaceutical Companies Want to Hide

Did you know that remedies for gout are becoming more and more popular each month? The reason why is because people are discovering that the most painful type of arthritis (gout) is also the simplest to treat naturally. In fact, many pharmaceutical companies are doing whatever they can to keep you from going natural.

And the reason why so many people are trying natural remedies is because the newest research is showing that simple tips like dieting, supplements, vitamins, minerals, fruit and even water can prevent and treat most gout symptoms.

If you would like to say good bye to gout symptoms, you may want to write down these 5 free remedies for gout.

Why Gout Remedies Work?

First off, the problem with pharmaceutical prescriptions for gout is that they are primarily used to hide the pain. In other words, they are just pain-killers with long names. This would be perfectly fine for most people, but pain is important to the body. In the case of gout, you can actually do more damage to the joint by walking on it during an attack. Therefore, you shouldn’t mask the pain with a painkiller.

What you should do is flush the uric acid which is causing the pain to occur. This is what natural remedies aim to do! In fact, there are over 20 remedies that are proven to flush uric acid which is the cause of gout.

Here are some simple and effective gout remedies that many natural health doctors are recommending.

5 Gout Home Remedies

1. A basic tip that most people do not do is drink water. You should make water your primary beverage because it flushes the body. One thing water does flush is uric acid. We recommend drinking at least 8 – 10 tall glasses throughout the day. (Hint: Did you know that hunger pains are often just thirst pains?)

2. Do you know what the wonder vitamin is? Vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, lowers uric acid levels and can be used for maintenance as well as during attacks. During a gout attack you should supplement 1,000 mg per hour. For maintenance you should take 500-3,000 mg daily.

3. Did you know that you can eliminate some uric acid by eliminating meats? Uric acid is a by-product of purines. And purines enter the body through eating meats. Moderate your meat consumption and try to get protein through nuts.

4. Another great remedy is berries. There are many types of berries, but strawberries have shown to be particularly effective in research studies. Because of their ability to efficiently neutralize uric acid, strawberries can create immediate relief from your symptoms. You should take about 1 cup of strawberries during an attack.

5. Vitamin B complex is also important for gout sufferers. B complex helps the body to convert uric acid into assorted harmless components. Suggested dose is one 350 mg complete B complex daily.

Be Gout Free in Less than 24 Hours

These 5 gout home remedies are a great natural way to start to cure your disease. However, if you would like a 100% guaranteed way to be gout free in less than 24 hours, please visit our website today. We offer the only Gout Remedy Report that is step by step with everything you need to know about treating and preventing this painful disease.

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Remedies for Gout

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Remedies for Gout


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