Acid Reflux Natural Cures – 10 Secrets to Help You Cure Your GERD by Tonight

Is there more than one cure for acid reflux? Yes, because every person’s body is different, there are more than one acid reflux natural cures to treat gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

If you are finally realizing that antacids are doing more harm than good, maybe it is time you try an acid reflux natural remedy. Because today, there are thousands of people trying to find reflux relief because antacids won’t do the trick anymore.

If you would like to say good-bye to reflux for good, here are 10 secrets antacid and prescription drug companies hope you never read.

10 Secrets about an Acid Reflux Natural Cure

1. Acid reflux is typically caused by a damaged esophagus or a damaged sphincter (flap that keeps stomach acids down). If you would like to cure acid reflux permanently, you need to heal your esophagus and sphincter.

2. Antacids are a band-aid which neutralize your stomach acid. Because antacids or prescription drugs can do nothing for your sphincter or esophagus, they will only work for a time being. Most natural health experts believe that these drugs can do more harm than good if used regularly.

3. Read the label of the antacid you are taking. Most antacids have a warning to take for only 2 weeks because they can actually harm you after a period of 14 days. The best advice for antacids would be to never use them but to treat your reflux naturally.

4. Cures like using 13 pillows while you sleep are ridiculous quack remedies. Because natural health is now researched (for the most part), you should only try remedies that are researched and proven.

5. My dad cured his acid reflux with an apple. After a near-fatal stomach surgery for reflux, my dad starting eating apples regularly. Whenever he feels an attack coming on, he takes a slice of apple and the reflux is gone. It may work for you!

6. Natural remedies could be the best way to treat your reflux. There are at least 3 researched remedies that are more effective than antacids because they treat the esophagus and sphincter. And the only reason why these remedies are not recommended by doctors is because most medical schools don’t teach any natural remedies.

7. Many people take Prilosec, Prevacid, or Nexium (prescription drugs) which help treat symptoms. But long term use can cause the body to produce a hormone called gastrin. Gastrin over-production has been shown to cause cancer. Make sure you read the labels of prescription meds and don’t take any longer than stated!

8. In the case of acid reflux, we have found that 97% of sufferers can cure acid reflux naturally (over 1000 sufferers tested). If you are part of that 3% who cannot, you may need to discuss options with a doctor and use prescription medication.

9. Your diet has been shown to help and hurt your reflux problem. Mainly, you should avoid crunch foods for at least the first couple days of treatment (allow tissue to heal), avoid spicy and acidic foods, and limit your coffee intake. You may also wish to chase every meal with a tall glass of water.

10. Finally, we also suggest trying at least 3 Acid Reflux Natural Cures. All 3 cures are researched and step by step to avoid any confusion. But the best part is they are 100% guaranteed to work. Visit Acid Reflux Natural Cures today.

Cure Yourself in 24 Hours

Hopefully these 10 secrets have shown you that you can cure yourself at home with simple natural remedies. By using step by step remedies and these secrets, you can actually cure yourself permanently in a matter of 24 hours Guaranteed. To learn about a 100% satisfaction guarantee (that lasts up to 6 months), please visit our website now. We promise you will not be disappointed. All remedies are currently 50% off!

Acid Reflux Natural Cures

100% Guaranteed! Researched! Step by Step! For the price of a meal, Joe Barton and Barton Publishing offer you 7 Acid Reflux Natural Cures. Download the step by step, researched report today.

Acid Reflux Natural Cures


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