Cure Heartburn Naturally with Reflux Remedy – A Simple and Effective Home Treatment

Are you aware that you could cure heartburn naturally with a simple and effective reflux remedy that you can use at home every day? In fact, thousands of people are tossing their antacids that they have been addicted to for years. And how are they doing this?

They are learning the secret antacid companies do not want you to find out! And here it is… “If you heal your esophagus (tube that carries food to stomach) and sphincter (muscle flap above stomach), you can cure your reflux permanently. And you can do this all from home and with simple and natural remedies.

If you are tired of buying antacid after antacid and medication after medication? It may be time for a reflux remedy that works by curing the cause and not just the symptoms.

Don’t Cure the Symptoms of Heartburn

You may think antacids are helping. But they are NOT! Antacids are only treating the symptoms (refluxed stomach acid) by neutralizing it. Antacids have no role in curing the cause of acid reflux. Unfortunately, millions of people are unaware of this! And antacid companies are making billions off of victimized customers.

However, many doctors are now recommending natural remedies. And the reason why natural remedies are the fastest growing treatment is because research is finally showing that some remedies are out performing their medication counterpart.

In other words, you are paying big bucks for something that works the same as a common ingredient(s) in our cupboard and fridge! In the case of acid reflux, a simple apple might even do the trick!

A Proven Reflux Remedy

If you are a friend of Google, you will find there are numerous remedies out there. It is always important that you know the remedies you use are researched. We recommend companies with a team of researchers, doctors and experts in the field.

One common reflex remedy that is becoming surprisingly popular is the apple cure. Many of our customers brag that an apple has literally turned their life around. Ironically, this cure has also helped my dad cure his long-term battle with acid reflux.

Every day my dad carries around a baggie with a couple of apple slices. Whenever he feels an attack coming on, he simply eats a slice of apple. After years of using this remedy, he rarely even carries apples around anymore. In fact, he claims he is permanently cured from reflux.

But there are more ways to heal your esophagus and sphincter!

How to Heal Your Esophagus and Sphincter

1. To start your treatment you should eat only soft foods for 2-3 days. This will give your tissue time to heal.

2. Drink water after every meal to clean sphincter. The sphincter will create a tight seal (and keep reflux down) with a cup of water after every meal.

3. Avoid eating spicy and acidic foods for a few days.

4. Take a tablespoon of honey before bedtime every night. Honey will naturally heal the tissue.

Cure Your Reflux by Tomorrow

“Guaranteed to Work in 24 Hours” Our company’s natural health doctor, team of researchers and step by step cure have given thousands of sufferers hope in natural health and 7 simple reflux remedies. To learn more about 100% guaranteed, step by step natural reflux cures, please visit our website before surgery. Your body, health and pocketbook will thank you!

Reflex Remedy

Joe Barton and Barton Publishing have sold over 10,000 Reflux Remedy Reports in the last 4 years with an extremely high success rate. Take advantage of a 6 month, 100% guarantee on their step by step reflux remedy.

Reflex Remedy


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