What is the Best Remedy for Gout? 5 Secrets to Cure the Pain and Flush Uric Acid

Thousands of people will search the internet each day for the best remedy for gout. And most of them will give up because of all the gout garbage out there. In fact, if you type in ‘gout cure’, you will find almost 1 million websites that offer information about a gout cure. But which ones are researched and legitimate.

Few people will find information that is accurate! This is because gout is a disease with no cure! However, research is showing that within the next 10 years, gout may be a disease that can be cured permanently. In the mean time, here are 5 secrets to cure the gout pain and flush uric acid. And by doing this, you will never have to deal with the pain again!

What is the Best Remedy for Gout? 5 Gout Natural Health Tips you can Try at Home

Knowing the cause of gout has led researchers to the best remedy for gout. Gout is caused by your lifestyle. I am guessing that you either life an inactive lifestyle or eat foods which tend to be unhealthy. The reason I am correct is because most gout sufferers struggle with at least one of these issues or both. Fortunately, your body is pretty miraculous in the fact that it will be able to almost cure itself completely.

And you will be able to treat your gout symptoms with your lifestyle and foods you eat. The reason why this is possible is because gout is caused by uric acid. And uric acid is a byproduct of purines which you consume in your diet. And you can remedy the uric acid crystals by flushing them and being proactive about a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some pointers as you begin the adventure of a healthy lifestyle and a remedy for gout. Fortunately, it won’t take long if you are serious about treating it!

5 Remedies for Gout

1. Probably the simplest way to prevent and treat gout (long-term) is to drink water. The truth is that most people do not drink enough water. You should drink about 16 ounces of water for every 2 hours you are awake. Water will naturally flush uric acid from the body and over time eliminate some of the uric crystals which cause the pain in your joints.

2. For the inflammation of the joint, you should supplement fish oil. Fish oil capsules can be found at any health store and will actually alleviate joint inflammation. You should consider taking 2 capsules per day.

3. There are 2 vitamins that you should begin to supplement immediately. One vitamin is the common vitamin C. Most people are aware that vitamin C will aid in a healthy immune system. However, vitamin C also lowers uric acid levels and can also be used for maintenance during a gout attack. During an attack, take 1000 mg per hour.

4. Your diet is extremely important in the fight against gout. Learn the foods that are loaded with purines and avoid them. Most foods that are loaded with purines are high protein meats like beef, chicken and even seafood. The purines in these foods will eventually turn into uric acid and could be deposited between joints if not flushed.

5. So what do you eat? Make sure you are eating tons of fiber. Fiber keeps the body and bloodstream flushed of uric acid. Fiber can be found in any foods that contains high amounts of dietary fiber. An easy way to get enough fiber is to eat plenty of raw fruits and vegetables. By eating at least 5-7 fruits and vegetables a day, you will be able to flush gout and cure it in weeks!

What Else Can You Do?

These 5 tips will get you started with treating gout tonight, but is there more you can do? Yes and a lot more! Gout is a very researched disease because it is labeled as one of the most painful forms of arthritis. And with research, there comes proven remedies that work for almost all people.

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