Reflux Home Remedies – How you Can Cure and Prevent Acid Reflux from Home

Reflux home remedies have been a very popular subject in the past decade. As research on acid reflux has expanded to natural remedies, many experts are rethinking what was once thought on natural health. In fact, many doctors are now recommending natural remedies as well as medications for GERD (Gastro esophageal reflux disease).

Let me explain why you should try reflux home remedies instead of antacids or medications.

Healing Your Body

The problem with most antacids and medications is that you can only take them for 2 weeks max. The reason why is because the FDA has found that taking these drugs can create a compound called gastrin in your body. Studies have shown that gastrin can cause cancer. Therefore, moderating the use of both antacids and acid reflux medications is extremely important.

Also antacids and reflux medications have nothing to deal with healing the cause of reflux. Both antacids and medications work because they neutralize the stomach acid that is refluxed. But if you want to cure acid reflux you must treat the problem which is a damaged lower esophageal sphincter (muscle flap on top of stomach) and the esophagus (tube that carries food to stomach).

Fortunately, curing reflux is a disease that is pretty simple compared to other diseases. Here are some easy tips you can start today.

5 Reflux Home Remedies to Try Today

1. Honey is a great remedy to start with. Because acid reflux is caused by the damaged tissue of the sphincter and esophagus, you can begin to heal the tissue today with honey. Honey is a great remedy for healing any type of tissue. Take 1 teaspoon a honey before bed and 2 other times during the day.

2. While your esophagus and sphincter heal, you need to avoid all foods that are crunchy and acidic. Soft foods tend to go down smoothly without scratching tissue. For 3 days you should try to keep a soft and nonacidic food diet. (Avoid alcohol, coffee and cigarettes for those 3 days too.)

3. Another simple thing you can do is drink water after every meal or snack. Water will give the sphincter a tight seal over the stomach leaving less of a likelihood that stomach acid can be refluxed up.

4. Apple cider vinegar is also a very popular remedy. However, apple cider vinegar tastes horrible so you can use water to dilute it and honey for a better taste. It is recommended that you use 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar daily to boost acid levels in your stomach. This will aid in food digestion in the stomach.

5. Your diet is also extremely important. I could write 10 pages on your diet alone but I will give you a few quick pointers. Only eat meals and snacks the size of your fist. Eating big meals will lead to acid reflux and heartburn. Try to eat a diet high in water soluble dietary fiber (raw fruits and vegetables).

What Else Can You Do?

These 5 tips can be started tonight but there is more you should know and try. Acid reflux has been around for centuries and so have natural remedies. Some work and some don’t. Research has shown which ones are effective for treating the esophagus and sphincter and which ones are bunk.

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Reflux Home Remedies


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