A Simple Treatment for Reflux – How to Cure Acid Reflux with Your Diet

Did you know that a simple treatment for reflux can be better for your health and acid reflux than antacids? The reason behind this natural health discovery is the fact that antacids cure the symptoms and a natural treatment cures the problem. And this is also the reason why you continually buy antacids but to no avail.

Fortunately, you can stop buying antacids and even stop taking medications in days if you cure the problem. And curing the problem of acid reflux means curing the cause of acid reflux (a weakened and damaged lower esophageal sphincter (LES) and esophagus).

Discover why thousands of people are curing gastroesphageal reflux (GERD) with a simple treatment for reflux involving your diet.

Why Your Diet is Important in Curing Heartburn

Most adults can say they have experienced heartburn sometime in their life. And many adults can say they experience it almost everyday. If you experience acid reflux often, you most likely suffer from a damaged or weakened lower esophageal sphincter (LES) and/or esophagus.

The LES is a muscle flap that opens and closes to let food into your stomach and keep stomach acid down in your stomach. The esophagus is the tube that carries food to your stomach. Research everywhere is showing the GERD sufferers will often have damaged tissue on both the esophagus and sphincter. And researchers are showing simple ways you can heal and repair the damaged tissue on both the LES and sphincter.

Here are some simple and FREE ways to establish a reflux free diet!

How to Cure Acid Reflux with Your Diet

Your diet is primarily the cause of acid reflux and it is also the primary cure for the disease. Here are some simple ways to repair the damaged tissue to cure the GERD disease. Remember that new cells breed a cure. Fortunately, by the time you read this sentence, your body has regenerated 60,000 new cells. Here are some tips!

1. The first thing you should do is to stop scratching the tissue of your esophagus. You can do this very simply by eating soft foods for 2-3 days to start your treatment. By avoiding hard and crunching foods (like chips, granola bars, cereals, etc…), you can give the tissue time to heal and repair itself. Tip 5 will also help too!

2. You should also eat plenty of fruits and vegetables during this time. Fruits and vegetables contain tons of minerals and vitamins but they also contain water soluble fiber which can help regenerate damaged cells. A red apple is a great choice whenever you feel an attack coming on.

3. You should also drink plenty of water. Water can do numerous things for your body but it can also help your sphincter (LES) keep a tight seal on the stomach. After each meal or snack, drink one full glass of water to keep your LES muscle flap sealed on your stomach. The stomach acid is less likely to get refluxed out.

4. Eating smaller meals is also beneficial to your health and your reflux problem. Research shows that humans are grazing creatures (think of cattle). Grazing creatures eat throughout the day and not a few meals a day. You should be eating 5-6 small (fist size) meals every day. This will help you lose weight but also put less strain on your esophagus.

5. Lastly, you should also be eating honey. Honey is one of the oldest natural remedies around and has even been found in the pyramids. Honey has miraculous compounds which naturally heal tissue. You can eat 3 teaspoons a day (especially before bed) to generate new tissue for both the LES and esophagus.

Cure Acid Reflux Permanently in 24 Hours

Imagine being acid reflux free in less than 24 hours? Imagine never having to buy antacids or medication again? Imagine a healed esophagus and LES?

Cure your acid reflux permanently in less than 24 hours with our Reflux Remedy Report. This simple treatment for reflux is researched based and will give you 50+ tips to naturally treat your GERD at home. If you think these 5 tips are helpful, check out our 100% guarantee now.

Treatment for Reflux

Guaranteed! Researched! Natural! Joe Barton and Barton Publishing promise to cure your acid reflux by tomorrow. For a simple treatment for reflux that is 100% guaranteed, visit us today. 50% off now!

Treatment for Reflux


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