Natural Remedy for Acid and Ulcers – A Natural Approach to Cure Acid Reflux

Do you suffer from uncomfortable acid reflux? If so, have you considered a natural remedy for acid and ulcers? Unfortunately, many acid reflux sufferers think that antacids and medications are the only way to treat this problem. They are wrong!

A natural approach to cure acid reflux is one of the fastest growing treatments for Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). And you can treat yourself from home with the foods you eat, beverages you drink and various remedies.

Let me explain!

A Natural Remedy for Acid Reflux

About 30 years ago, my dad, Bob Barton was diagnosed with a very serious form of acid reflux. His life was literally destroyed by his refluxed acid and ulcers. Surgery was his only option. Unfortunately, surgeries are not fool-proof and surgery did not do the trick.

However, Bob woke up one night and discovered that he finally slept a whole night with not one episode of reflux. After retracing his previous night’s activities and doing some experimenting, Bob discovered a natural remedy for acid and ulcers… a red apple!

My dad has been acid reflux and ulcer-free for almost 30 years and you can be too! Here are some other natural remedies you may wish to try. They worked for Bob and they could work for you!

Naturally Cure Reflux and Ulcers

1. You must realize that your LES (lower esophageal sphincter) must be healed in order for you to naturally cure your reflux. The LES is a muscle flap that sits atop your stomach. A healthy LES will keep stomach acid and food in your stomach. Most sufferers have a weak or damaged (scratched) sphincter. You can begin to heal this part of your body with eating soft foods for 2-3 days.

2. Honey is also a good remedy for acid reflux and ulcers. Honey is one of the oldest remedies for acid reflux. Honey has been shown to fight bacteria, block infection, combat inflammation, and heal tissue. Honey is a great remedy for acid reflux and ulcers and 1 tablespoon should be taken when you feel discomfort. And one right before bed!

4. You may also try to restrict a few things from your lifestyle. Coffee, cigarettes and spicy foods have been shown to make reflux and ulcers worse. You should immediately eliminate these from your diet.

5. Finally, you should also try to drink plenty of water after every meal. Water can naturally flush your body and it can also create a tight seal for the sphincter (LES). After every meal and snack, make sure you drink 1 tall glass of water.

Cure Your Reflux and Ulcers in Less than 24 Hours

Imagine curing your acid reflux and ulcers in less than 24 hours. Acid reflux and ulcers are possibly one of the simplest ailments to treat naturally; however, pharmaceutical companies are doing whatever they can to keep you unaware of simple alternative treatments.

If you are interested in researched, step by step remedies, please visit us today. Our Reflux Remedy Report has helped thousands and could help you!

Natural Remedy for Acid and Ulcers

With 7 proven and natural remedies, Joe Barton can teach you how to naturally cure your reflux and ulcer problems. Download a natural remedy for acid and ulcers today. It is 100% guaranteed!

Natural Remedy for Acid and Ulcers


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