How to Cure Gout – Remedy Gout Today

Learning how to cure gout might be simpler than you think. For most people, gout can be cured with following a simpler diet and learning what supplements and vitamins you need. Because gout is caused by higher levels of uric acid, to remedy gout you need to learn how to flush the uric acid.

Though there is no medicated cure for gout, thousands of gout sufferers will cure this painful form of arthritis by trying simple remedies that flush the uric acid. Unfortunately, most doctors are aware of these alternative treatments but still prescribe expensive pain medications. A medicated pill will not work for this disease!

But you can remedy gout today with these helpful and free gout remedies!

Before You Remedy Gout

There are some important facts about gout that will help you cure it permanently. First, you should know that you are suffering from one of the most painful forms of arthritis. Secondly, gout is one of the simplest forms of arthritis to cure naturally because uric acid can be flushed very quickly.

Uric acid in the body is natural! However, many people who struggle with their weight and eating a healthy diet will eventually struggle with gout sometime in their life. Gout is caused by too many purines entering the body by the foods we eat. Our bodies convert the purines to uric acid and most often flush the uric acid.

If you suffer from gout, your body is not flushing the uric acid like it should. Here are some tips you may want to write down and begin today!

How to Cure Gout

1. You can start with eating plenty of water soluble fiber. An apple, which contains water soluble fiber, can cleanse the body of the uric acid naturally. Apples contain antioxidants which are very helpful for flushing the uric acid. Try to eat 1-2 apples daily.

2. Foods that are high in potassium are very helpful for gout sufferers. Include the following in your diet immediately: bananas, seeds, raisins, apricots, nuts and whole grains.

3. Baking soda has been shown to alkalize the uric acid which will help flush it naturally. You should add a half teaspoon with water and drink up. Try to do this a couple times a day.

4. Along with apples, cherries have been shown to also naturally neutralize uric acid. All types of cherries contain high amounts of antioxidants which will help cleanse the body.

5. Reflexology has also been extremely beneficial to many of our customers. Without getting into too much detail, you can help break up the uric acid crystals by massaging between the heal and the bottom of the big toe. This area has been shown to stimulate blood flow to the joints and will be beneficial if accompanied by a gout-free lifestyle plan.

6. Finally, avoid foods with high amounts of purines. A good rule of thumb would be to avoid foods that are animal based until your gout symptoms pass! Therefore, stay clear of meats, eggs and dairy for a day or two.

Cure Gout in 2 Hours or Less

Did you know that gout relief is only 2 hours away? There are numerous ways to flush uric acid and cure gout, but we have found 7 remedies have worked the best for our thousands of customers. If you would like to cure gout permanently, please visit our website today.

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Remedy Gout

Joe Barton and Barton Publishing have helped thousands of sufferers remedy gout with researched alternative treatments. Learn about our 100% guarantee and how to cure gout now!

How to Cure Gout


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  1. Hi Joe,
    Excellent advice, clearly written, with lots of common sense guidance and safety tips.


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