Kidney Stone to Pass? – Why Not Try a Natural Remedy?

Do you have a kidney stone to pass? Why not try a natural remedy along with drinking plenty of water? If you have visited the doctor for your kidney stones, you have probably heard the $150 words, ‘drink plenty of water to flush them’. This advice is very expensive considering all you are paying for is a doctor’s visit.

Fortunately, there are numerous other proven ways to pass kidney stones. And ‘proven’ means legitimate ways which have been researched. Unfortunately, most doctors are unaware of some of these natural remedies because most traditional doctors and medical establishments still believe that natural health is taboo.

Well, natural health is no longer taboo but is actually real and now researched! Here are some simple kidney stone remedies to help you pass them.

Trying a Kidney Stone Natural Remedy

Today alone, there will be thousands of people who will use natural remedies to flush their kidney stones. The truth is that kidney stones are a very simple disease to treat naturally. In fact, if your kidney stone is 5 mm or smaller, all you need to do is drink plenty of water.

This is because kidney stones are caused by dehydration. Therefore, it would make sense to stay well hydrated and keep your kidneys flushed. However, there are numerous other things which researchers have found to be beneficial for kidney stone sufferers.

If you have a kidney stone to pass, here are some quick remedies to try today.

Kidney Stone Remedy Tips

1. You should not underestimate the power of water! However, there is one thing doctors usually forger to tell you. Until your kidney stones pass, you should only be drinking distilled water which contains no minerals to add to the composition of the kidney stones. Women should drink about 91 ounces of water and men should drink about 125 ounces of water.

2. Your diet is also just as critical as the water you drink. Try to get plenty of water soluble dietary fiber in your diet too. Water soluble dietary fiber is important because this will help flush your kidneys too. You should include at least 9 servings of fruits and vegetables daily until your stones pass.

3. Why fruits? Fruits contain complex carbohydrates which are good for you in moderation. You do not want to eat too many fruits because of the sugar effect. However, fruits also contain citric acid and ascorbic acid which could help dissolve your kidney stones to make them 5 mm or smaller. Because your liver does not filter acid and bases, the acids can make it to the kidneys easily.

4. You also need a diuretic to flush the tiny crystals that make up kidney stones. Vegetables which contain the compound chlorophyll have been shown to be great for flushing the kidneys. One great vegetable you should immediately supplement is fresh or frozen asparagus.

5. If you are looking for a great herbal remedy you might want to try juniper. Juniper is one of the better ways to heal and restore the kidneys. By simply chewing juniper berries, the ache and pain of the kidney can almost go away immediately. You can find juniper at any good natural food store.

Kidney Stone to Pass in 24 Hours

Your body needs about 24 hours to pass a kidney stone with the right ingredients and remedies. If you would like to finally take your kidney stones and health seriously, you might want to check out our website.

We offer the only 100% satisfaction guarantee on our Kidney Stone Remedy Report that offers 30+ researched ways to pass a kidney stone. However, most people (about 80% of our customers) pass it with only 2 ingredients in 24 hours.

Kidney Stone to Pass

Joe Barton and Barton Publishing have helped thousands of kidney stone suffers. If you have a kidney stone to pass, we have a 100% guaranteed, step by step, researched remedy available for download immediately.

Kidney Stone to Pass


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