Gout Relief – Foods that help the Gout in My Foot

Gout relief could be as simple as changing your diet from red meat to seafood. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of many alternative treatments that relieve gout pain. By the end of this article, you will learn 5 foods that can naturally provide gout relief.

I recently found a health forum where a gout sufferer asked, “What are the foods that help the gout in my food?”

I immediately recommended a few ideas for the person! Here are some of the suggestions you may wish to try too!

Why Natural Gout Relief?

Pain medications are not the way to treat gout! Though pain killers help with temporary relief, you can ultimately do more harm than good with only using mediations for your treatment. In fact, many pain medication users have permanently disfigured their joint and toe.

Research has proven that gout is caused by the body not being able to flush uric acid effectively. The excess uric acid will deposit between the joints (typically the big toe) and will cause horrendous pain.

Fortunately, your body is also equipped to flush the uric acid. By learning how to flush the uric acid crystals, you can ultimately cure gout permanently.

Foods that Help the Gout in My Foot

1. Studies have shown the deficiencies in vitamins A, B5 and E may lead to gout complications. Fortunately, there are many fruits that have been shown to contain these vitamins and help cure gout. You should eat all types of berries. A good plan would be to eat the berries that are in season.

2. Neutralizing the uric acid naturally is also important. You can do this by eating grapes, celery and avocados.

3. Fish oil is good for your heart and arteries and is also great for alleviating joint inflammation. Supplement fish oil capsules or eat a serving of seafood daily (less than 6 ounces).

4. You should avoid all foods that come from animals because of the high purine count which is converted to uric acid in the body. Make sure to eat less than 6 ounces of lean meat or seafood daily. Stay away from red meats and high fat dairy products.

5. A good rule of thumb would be to get plenty of water to help flush your body of uric acid. You can do this by drinking plenty of water or also getting plenty of water soluble fiber which is in all fruits and vegetables. Try to eat at least 7 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

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