To Pass a Kidney Stone? Or To Not Pass a Kidney Stone?

You may be asking yourself what you need to do to pass a kidney stone. This is actually a very common question according to search engines. And because kidney stones are relatively common, there is plenty of research stating the most effective ways to flush one.

Unfortunately, most people and doctors believe that drinking plenty of water is the best treatment for this painful disease. Though water is a great option, there are numerous remedies you can also try.

In this article you will learn 5 simple and effective tips for flushing kidney stones!

Why You Should Try a Natural Remedy?

Natural remedies are no longer taboo! This is most likely because of the abundance of research which actually proves that many remedies do work. In the case of kidney stones, alternative treatments are one of the fastest growing treatments.

In fact, some natural health doctors believe that kidney stones are the simplest disease to treat naturally. This is because kidney stones are usually composed of calcium which is a very brittle mineral that is easy to dissolve and flush. And because the liver does not play a role in acid regulation for the body, you can actually use natural acids to break up or dissolve kidney stones.

Let me explain how!

To Pass a Kidney Stone

Here are some tips that could prove beneficial for passing your kidney stone.

1. Keeping your body flushed is very beneficial for flushing stones. You can do this quite easily by drinking at least 10 glasses of distilled water and eating at least 6 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Fruits and veggies are mostly water soluble fiber which will keep your kidneys flushed.

2. Juniper is also a great herb for flushing and restoring the kidneys. Juniper is said to be a quick acting herb that can eliminate the pain associated with stones within minutes.

3. You may also wish to try a celery seed water remedy. All you need to do is put 2 teaspoons of celery seed in boiling water. Before you drink, it is important to strain the celery seeds.

4. Vegetables high in chlorophyll have been shown to be beneficial for flushing the kidneys. Two vegetables you may wish to try are fresh parsley and asparagus. Both of these vegetables have been popular among kidney stone sufferers.

5. Finally, ginger has also been a popular remedy for sufferers. Ginger is a very effective cleansing agent for the bowels and kidneys. You can find ginger at any quality health food store.

Pass a Kidney Stone by Tomorrow

Would you try a 100% guaranteed kidney stone remedy that works with only 2 ingredients you can buy at any grocery store?

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To Pass a Kidney Stone

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To Pass a Kidney Stone


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