Tips to Pass a Kidney Stone… Painlessly!

Are you looking for tips to a pass a kidney stone at home? Thousands of people will search the internet today looking for natural health advice for their pain. Unfortunately, doctors are not doing a great job telling patients how to flush a kidney stone painlessly.

Most patients are told that water will do the trick for passing a kidney stone. This is true for kidney stones that are smaller than 5 mm. For stones bigger than 5 mm, you may need to use your diet, vitamins, supplements or simple remedies.

By the end of this article, you will know 4 tips to pass a kidney stone painlessly!

Kidney Stones and Natural Remedies

Natural remedies have been around for centuries. However, natural remedies have only been researched in the last few decades. In the case of kidney stones, some natural remedies have been proven to work for many sufferers.

Unfortunately, most western medical establishments have stayed clear of using holistic or natural health. In most western hospitals, natural health is still taboo. However, natural health has been growing at skyrocketing rates as research begins to uncover the truth about natural remedies.

In the case of kidney stones, there are numerous ways to pass your stones painlessly using more than just water. Here are some helpful tips your doctor never mentioned!

4 Tips to Pass a Kidney Stone

1. You should immediately begin to supplement magnesium to your diet daily. You should try to supplement about 350 mg daily. This supplement has been discovered to eliminate kidney stones in most patients. This supplement has been studied for the last 40 years and results all show the same thing… magnesium helps the body rid itself of kidney stones.

2. You should avoid all snacks and foods with high amounts of sugar. Obviously, soft drinks and juices should also be avoided. Sugar has been associated with kidney stones and should be avoided until your stones pass. It would also be recommended to get natural sugars like fruits.

3. Besides water, you should also drink fruit and vegetable juices such as carrot, grape and orange juices. These juices contain high levels of citrates. Citrates reduce the buildup of uric acid and help eliminate the formation of calcium salts. Both of these cause the formation of kidney stones.

4. Finally, you should also be eating foods that are high in chlorophyll. Vegetables with high levels of chlorophyll have been shown to cleanse the kidneys thus eliminating kidney stones. Begin to include asparagus, wheat grass and fresh parsley in your daily diet.

Painlessly Pass a Kidney Stone in 24 Hours or Less

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