What Foods Help Heartburn – A GERD Alternative

Many acid reflux sufferers are asking about a GERD alternative – what foods help heartburn? If you are suffering from Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), you may want to consider how your diet impacts your reflux problems.

Did you know that most acid reflux problems are caused by a poor diet? It only makes sense that a GERD alternative treatment must include your diet to work. In this article, you will learn 5 dieting tips to cure your acid reflux disease.

Why Your Diet is Important

Most experts believe that this disease is a result of a poor dieting that hinders the work of your sphincter. The lower esophageal sphincter (LES) is the muscle flap that sits on top of the stomach. This muscle’s job is to allow food into the stomach and keep it inside.

Unfortunately, over time the sphincter can become weakened and more damaged. And the traditional treatment, like antacids, do nothing to heal the sphincter.

Allowing your diet and the foods you eat to strengthen and heal your sphincter can cure acid reflux. Here are some foods that help heartburn.

5 Foods that Help Heartburn

1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I remember my grandpa always saying this and I even saw this on a billboard the other day. In the case of heartburn, a common red apple can naturally cure an acid reflux attack. Eat an apple or a slice whenever you feel an attack coming on.

2. Honey is also important to eat if you suffer from heartburn. Try to eat at least 3 teaspoons daily to help heal the sphincter. Honey can naturally heal muscle tissue like the LES.

3. Water is not a food but it can help with your problem. Avoid coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks which can damage the sphincter. Instead, drink water after every meal and snack to keep a tight seal on your stomach.

4. Mix a half glass of milk with a half glass of 7-Up and drink up. This is a ‘home remedy’ that some nurses will secretly use at hospitals for chronic heartburn patients.

5. Bananas are also helpful because they are high in fiber and low in acid which can be helpful for heartburn sufferers. Try to supplement twice a day.

Cure Heartburn Permanently in Hours

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Foods Help Heartburn

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GERD Alternative


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