I Cured my Gout with Herbs – 5 Gout Herbal Remedies

I recently was reading one of the hundreds of e-mails I get in my inbox and the subject said, “I cured my gout with herbs”. I was immediately interested in this e-mail because most of my customers find that their diet, beverages, vitamins or lifestyle changes can cure their gout.

However, this customer chose herbs to cure her gout which I thought was interesting. The e-mail went on to thank me for the Gout Remedy Report she recently purchased and also listed the herbs she experimented with. She found that some herbs worked very well for her but others had no results. Here is what worked for her.

By the end of this article, you will learn 5 herbs that may help you cure your gout at home.

5 Gout Herbal Remedies

1. Devil’s claw has been shown to reduce levels of uric acid in the body. Experts suggest taking 400 mg of the dried devil’s claw extract three times per day until symptoms have stopped. You can find this herb at any health food store.

2. Garlic has often been called the herbal miracle cure because it can help address all the aspects of the bodily functions and health. Eating 3-5 cloves of garlic daily can greatly increase your overall health and possibly help cure gout.

3. Hawthorn, like NSAIDs, is filled with anthocyanosides which are anti-inflammatory. In addition, hawthorn also contains flavonoids which have been shown effective in treating gout symptoms.

4. You should also try to supplement hyssop and juniper which have been shown to neutralize uric acid. As you probably know, uric acid is the cause of gout.

5. Parsley can act as a natural diuretic which can help your body flush out the uric acid. You can eat fresh parsley or make a tea with both fresh and dried leaves.

How to Cure Gout in 2 Hours

Herbal therapy is one way to cure gout naturally. However, there are numerous other ways to cure gout with your diet, vitamins, nutrients and even lifestyle changes. If you would like to know how to cure gout in 2 hours or less, please visit us today.

After a quick trip to the grocery store, you will be able to cure gout in literally hours.

Gout Herbal Remedies

Guaranteed to Work! 7 Researched Remedies! Step by Step! Joe Barton challenges you to make one trip to the grocery store to cure gout in 2 hours. Cure gout today!

I Cured my Gout


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