Cholecystectomy Complications – Is Removing Your Gallbladder Worth It?

If you Google cholecystectomy complications, you will get almost 800,000 sites with related material for complications during gallbladder surgery. Though cholecystectomy surgeries are one of the more popular surgeries in America, there are still complications.

Fact! Almost 500,000 Americans will get their gallbladder removed this year alone.

In most cases, the surgery will go fine and you will fill back to normal within a few months. However, there some things you should know about this surgery before you get your organ, the gallbladder, removed.

Why You Need Your Gallbladder

There is a reason for every organ. And there is a reason for your gallbladder. The gallbladder is an organ that aids in the digestive process to transport the bile produced by the liver into the bile ducts and then into the small intestine when needed. It helps with digesting fats!

But before you get your gallbladder removed, you should know that removing this organ can greatly increase your risk of bowel cancer. Why?

Without your gallbladder, bile will drip continuously into your digestive system. The dripping of bile will cause diarrhea or vomiting for most people. And if you struggle with blood pressure, you should know that removing your gallbladder may also lead to higher blood cholesterol levels too!

God put this organ into your body for a reason!

Cholecystectomy Complications

Cholecystectomy or laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgeries are nothing to take lightly. The surgery will keep in you in a hospital bed for an average of 8.5 days and cost you thousands of dollars. But there are also the complications that go along with the surgery.

In a study that was conducted over a 12 year period, there were about 19 patients who came down with complications out of 1,000 + people. That is only about a 2% chance of complications.

However, complications can be very disastrous if they are not recognized and managed to immediately. Of those 19 patients with surgical complications, only about half of them were caught by surgeons during the operations. In one case, a patient suffered from a cerebral vessel attack which resulted in death.

Other complications include bile duct injury, vessel injury by trocar, aorta injury, cystic artery injury, bile leak, and duodenum injury.

Which brings you to the question, is removing your gallbladder necessary for treating gallstones? No!

Fact! About 80% of all gallstones can be passed with natural, safe and painless alternative treatments that use your diet, vitamins, herbs and even common beverages.

Keep Gallbladder and Pass Gallstones by Tomorrow

Imagine making one trip to the grocery store and learning how to painlessly pass gallstones in less than one day. For a researched, step by step Gallstone Remedy Report that is 100% guaranteed to work, visit us now!

Gallstone Remedy Report

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Avoid Cholecystectomy Complications


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