Stones Treatment – How to Painlessly Pass Kidney Stones at Home

What is the best stones treatment for kidney stones? Most doctors would suggest just drinking plenty of water but that is simply not enough for some people. In fact, if you are struggling with passing a stone, you most likely have one that is bigger than 5 mm.

Unfortunately, doctors do not recommend any other advice other than ‘drinking plenty of water’ so thousands of people search the internet for other alternative treatments. And you would be surprised that over 90% of kidney stones can be passed with alternative treatments also known as natural remedies.

In this article, you will learn some simple ways to increase your chances of passing your kidney stones at home.

Pass Kidney Stones at Home

1. Obviously drinking water is important for any kidney stones treatment. Therefore, you should continue to drink plenty of water. But how much?

You should drink at least 2 glasses of water for every 2 hours you are awake. Try to urinate as much as possible and push to urinate stone out.

2. Avoiding grapefruit juice can help because of the research showing that grapefruit juice can cause future kidney stones.

3. You should also eat plenty of vegetable and fruit which contain fiber to also help flush the kidneys.

4. Chlorophyll vegetables are also an excellent choice because they will aid in flushing the kidneys as well. There are many options for you to supplement to your diet but many of our customers have found success with asparagus and wheatgrass.

5. Teas have also been a popular alternative treatment. For instance, celery seed can be made into a great tea that has been proven to help cleanse the kidneys. All you need to do is boil 2 teaspoons of celery seed and strain.

Pass Kidney Stone in Hours

2 ingredients from grocery store! That is all you need to pass your kidney stones with this stones treatment remedy report. Try our 100% guaranteed remedy report today.

We promise you will be completely satisfied with these proven results.

Pass Kidney Stones

Joe Barton and Barton Publishing guarantee that you will pass your kidney stones with this 100% guaranteed remedy report. Learn what 2 ingredients will dissolve and pass them tonight.

Stones Treatment


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