How to Reverse Diabetes Like A Reality Show Contestant

Are you wondering how to reverse diabetes? Many type 2 diabetics are wondering how a contestant from a recent Biggest Loser show managed to lose weight, cure high blood pressure and cure diabetes.

How to reverse diabetes is a major question that many people are asking. Is it possible? Can you really do it in 4 weeks? What kind of diet and lifestyle do I have to live?

If you would like to cure diabetes or reverse diabetes, this article might be worth the few minutes it takes to read it.

How to Reverse Diabetes?

By the time you read this sentence, your body will have made about 60,000 new cells. Unfortunately, your body probably produced cells which do not accept insulin. In other words, your body is making pre-diabetic cells.

Fortunately, research is showing that the body can actually correct or heal itself if given the proper tools. In the most recent Biggest Loser show, a contestant was able to cure diabetes by simply living a healthier life and eating the right foods.

What kind of diet did she follow? You might be surprised with her diet and which diabetes remedies worked.

How to Cure Diabetes

1. Protein is essential for repairing cell membranes. Cell membranes are the outer layer of the cells which are also responsible for accepting insulin or not. Protein should be part of every diabetic’s diet. You should look to supplement nuts, legumes, seafood and lean meats.

2. Cutting carbohydrates is important because carbohydrates are converted to sugar once digested. Obviously, this is not good for any diabetic. Trying to avoid crackers, breads, chips, pastas and some grains is important to begin your home treatment. After curing diabetes, you will be able to enjoy starch foods again but you will need to switch to whole grain foods.

3. Vegetables are very beneficial because the abundance of nutrients and also the water soluble fiber which can help flush the body. Try to avoid eating too many fruits.

4. Cinnamon has been shown to also be beneficial in reversing diabetes. Start supplementing this great herb to your cooking and diet.

5. A very popular diabetes remedy is eating garlic. Eating fresh garlic can be very beneficial because it has been shown to lower blood sugar and eventually normalize it. You can wash the garlic down with a glass of water.

6. Drinking water is also beneficial. Make water your first choice in beverages. There are hundreds of benefits of water and reversing diabetes is one of them.

What Should I Do Next?

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