Gallstone Home Remedy – How to Pass Gallstones without a Surgeon

What is the best gallstone home remedy? That is a question that many people are trying to get answered. There are thousands of people who are facing surgery this week and would like to find an alternative way to get rid of gallstones.

Unfortunately, many people listen to their doctor’s and surgeon’s advice and get their gallbladder removed. But before you go through with surgery, you might want to try a gallstone home remedy.

A gallstone home remedy can save you your organ, thousands of dollars, and the risk of being diagnosed with bowel or colon cancer.

In this article, you will learn some simple and effective tips for passing gallstones painlessly.

A Gallstone Home Remedy

There are numerous options for passing gallstones. Unfortunately, many people do not try an alternative treatment because they do not know it is possible. In the west, we are completely sheltered from alternative treatments. If you ask somebody who takes care of your health, you will most likely hear the response, ‘my doctor’.

However, in other parts of the world, treating gallstones consists of a cleansing diet, some herbs or a simple lifestyle change. In other words, you take care of your health! Here are some tips to try before surgery.

1. Drinking water is important for numerous reasons including cleansing the gallbladder, diluting the cholesterol and flushing the gallstones. You should drink at least 10 glasses daily.

2. Have you ever performed a fast from a type of food? Today, you should start a fast from high cholesterol and fattening foods which make the gallbladder work double time. Avoid dairy and meats for a few days to give your gallbladder a rest.

3. Eating dietary fiber is important if you have this disease. Water soluble fiber can cleanse the liver, kidneys, colon and gallbladder. Try to eat at least 3-5 servings of vegetables and 1-4 servings of fruit daily.

4. Are you taking your multi-vitamin and vitamin C? These vitamins are important for your overall health but also boosting your immunity. Specifically, vitamin C has been shown to convert cholesterol to bile which can help in dissolving cholesterol gallstones.

5. The key to treating this disease is to stimulate bile production. Herbal remedies can do this very effectively. For instance, milk thistle has been shown to cleanse the liver and stimulate bile production. The recommended amount is 600 mg daily.

6. You will also want to reduce the buildup of toxins in the gallbladder. On common natural remedy is safflower seed oil. Try to take 2 teaspoons daily with flaxseed oil to begin cleansing the gallbladder.

Pass Gallstones by Tomorrow

Imagine making one trip to your local grocery store and having your gallstones pass by tomorrow. This is what thousands of people have done with a gallstone home remedy report that is 100% guaranteed to work. For researched and step by step tips, visit us today.

Pass Gallstones

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Gallstone Home Remedy


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