Relief for Gout Pain – A Guide to Cure Gout and Its Pain

Right now thousands of people are searching the internet for relief for gout pain. If you are a skeptical person about natural treatments, so am I! But gout relief is probably one of the simplest home treatments to try and also the most effective. Not to mention, probably the most researched.

Because gout is caused by uric acid crystals in the joints, it only makes sense that you need to treat the uric acid if you want to cure the pain. In other words, if you neutralize or flush the uric acid and crystals, your gout will be gone!

Here is a quick guide to cure gout and its pain.

Relief for Gout Pain

These tips will show you how to cure gout and its pain. But remember that relief for gout pain will only come when you treat the uric acid that is causing it.

Here are some foods and remedies to neutralize or flush the uric acid.

1. Hyssop and juniper are both herbs that are effective for neutralizing uric acid.

2. Nettle contains alkaloids which have been shown effective in neutralizing uric acid.

3. Parsley acts as a natural diuretic which can help your body flush the acid.

4. Another remedy that is fairly popular is devil’s claw that has been shown to reduce levels of uric acid. You should take 400 mg of devil’s claw extract 3 x per day.

5. Foods can also flush this acid. For instance, 1 cup of strawberries has been shown to neutralize the gout acid.

6. Cherries and blueberries both have high levels of anthocyanins which have anti-inflammatory properties.

7. Another common fruit that may help is grapes. Grapes are high in alkalines which can lessen the acidity of uric acid.

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Relief for Gout Pain


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