Alternative Treatments for Kidney Stones – Pass Kidney Stone in Days

The newest trend with kidney stones is people trying alternative treatments for kidney stones. Obviously, many people are still using good, old fashioned water to begin their treatment but there are numerous other natural remedies you can also be using.

To expedite passing your stones naturally, try a variety of remedies, foods, supplements, herbs and even vitamins. This article will give you proven, researched ways to begin your home treatment.

Alternative Treatments for Kidney Stones

1. Obviously the most effective and simplest way to pass kidney stones is to drink plenty of water. But it seems that many people are confused at how much, when and what kind? Here are some important facts about water. You should try to drink about 8 ounces of water for every 1 hour you are awake. It has been shown helpful to drink distilled water because it is free of all minerals that may add to the composition of the stones.

2. Fiber and bran are especially important because they help flush the kidneys. You should try to eat at least 6 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. All your grains should be whole grains and you should try to find high servings with dietary fiber. You should also try to eat bran cereals until your stones pass.

3. Herbal remedies are also extremely popular. One herb that gets plenty of positive feedback is juniper. Juniper helps with healing and restoring the kidneys. Juniper works so quickly that kidney pain will go away almost immediately after chewing the berries. Juniper is available in most natural food stores.

4. Ginger is also extremely effective because it helps with cleansing the bowels and kidneys.

5. Exercising is also important if you are looking to pass kidney stones because exercise causes the stones to shift. It is proven that shifting stones are much more likely to pass right after a workout.

Say Good Bye to Kidney Stones

Picture yourself making one trip to the grocery store for 2 ingredients and painlessly passing your kidney stones in less than 1 day. For the price of one meal, you could be kidney stone free with a 100% guaranteed, researched remedy report.

Learn more about effective treatments for kidney stones.

Pass Kidney Stones

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Alternative Treatments for Kidney Stones


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