Alternative for Acid Reflux – How to Cure GERD with Food Remedies

You are looking for a simple alternative for acid reflux and you stumbled upon this article. You are literally minutes away from learning how to cure GERD with basic foods that you could have in your cupboard or refrigerator as you read this.

You probably have already discovered that antacids do not work if you have severe GERD or acid reflux. Unfortunately, many doctors are hesitant to recommend natural remedies to patients because of monetary pressure from billion dollar pharmaceutical companies.

Therefore, it is up to you to cure your acid reflux permanently and you can start your home treatment with adding some foods to your diet.

How to Cure GERD

Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease affects millions of people each week. Most people will use antacids to treat their reflux. And some will actually use natural home treatments to cure their symptoms.

Curing GERD is actually quite simple if you understand the cause of the disease. This disease is usually caused when the lower esophageal sphincter is weakened or damaged. The sphincter is the muscle that sets a top the stomach and allows food to enter the stomach. A damaged sphincter will also allow food and stomach acid to exit the stomach. Thus resulting in heartburn.

You can cure this by allowing your sphincter to heal. Here are some foods to begin your alternative treatment.

Alternative for Acid Reflux using Foods

1. Though water is not a food, it is helpful for keeping your sphincter free of food debris. The result will be a tight seal over the stomach opening. You should drink a tall glass of water after every meal or snack.

2. Honey is also a very popular remedy because it will help heal the sphincter’s tissue. You should suck on 3 teaspoons daily. One teaspoon should be taken before bed.

3. Aloe vera is a very popular cure for burns. Aloe vera works to regenerate the growth of tissue. Did you know that aloe vera juice is a very popular remedy for heartburn sufferers? You can find this miracle juice at any health foods store.

4. Fruits are also helpful because of the fiber content. One remedy that my dad uses daily is eating a red apple whenever he feels an attack coming on.

5. Finally, you should also avoid caffeinated and carbonated beverages because of the harm they can cause on your esophagus and sphincter. Try to eat foods that are softer for a few days too!

The 7 Most Effective Remedies for Reflux

Curing and preventing this disease can happen in 24 hours if you follow 7 simple steps. Learn how one trip to the grocery store and 24 hours can cure your reflux by tomorrow.


Joe Barton and Barton Publishing promise to have you cured completely of acid reflux in less than 24 hours. Learn about their 100% guaranteed Alternative for Acid Reflux.

Alternative for Acid Reflux


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