Heartburn Remedy Natural Treatment – Secrets Your Doctor Never Told You

You are looking for aheartburn remedy natural treatment but you will never find the answer from any doctor or drug aisle. The truth is that doctors and pharmaceutical companies want you to believe that they are the caretakers of your health. This brings them billions of dollars each year.

Fortunately, recent research is revealing many natural remedies that can actually outperform their medicated counterpart. In this article, you will learn how you can cure acid reflux with simple and effective natural remedies.

It is time you start taking care of your own health.

Acid Reflux Secrets

The cause of your acid reflux or heartburn is not refluxed stomach acid. It is actually a damaged or weak lower esophageal sphincter. This along with a possible irritable esophagus is most likely the cause behind your symptoms.

The LES sphincter is a muscle tissue that sits atop the stomach. Its job is to keep food in the stomach after digestion. However, after years of poor lifestyle habits, the sphincter can begin to break down and heartburn will persist. The esophagus is the tube that carries food to the stomach. With acidic diets, alcohol consumption and too many carbonated drinks, the esophagus will begin to be irritated.

Fortunately, both the sphincter and esophagus can be cured with simple dieting and remedy secrets. Here are a few tips to get your reflux natural treatment started.

Heartburn Remedy Natural Treatment

Here is a quick start to curing your symptoms immediately.

1. Avoid acidic foods, carbonated drinks, alcohol and cigarette smoking for at least 1 week. This will give your tissue time to heal.

2. Eating softer foods is important for both the esophagus and sphincter. You should avoid all crunchy and hard foods. For instance, cereal, toast and granola bars will leave tiny tears on the tissue you are trying to repair.

3. Drinking water after every meal or snack can be helpful for creating a tight seal on your stomach.

4. Honey is a very popular remedy. Honey has been shown to repair damaged tissue naturally. You should suck on 3 teaspoons daily and especially one right before bed.

5. Small meals. Did you know that humans are grazers? Grazing means eating small meals throughout the day. You should eat 5 meals that are about the size of your fist (that is actually the size of your stomach). Chewing thoroughly is very helpful.

Cure Acid Reflux in 24 Hours

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Heartburn Remedy

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Heartburn Remedy Natural Treatment


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