Natural Kidney Stone Removal – Doctor-Kept Secrets Revealed!

Natural kidney stone removal is more than drinking plenty of water. I have heard this statement plenty of times by future-customers. “My doctor told me to drink plenty of water to flush my kidney stones but it is NOT working!”

Don’t get me wrong, drinking plenty of water is extremely important for curing kidney stones but there are numerous other remedies you can also try. In this article, I will give you a few secrets your doctor should have told you but didn’t. Unfortunately, many western medical practices have chosen to stay clear of natural health; even if it means not recommending natural treatments that actually work!

Let’s get started at your natural kidney stone removal treatment!

The Best Way to Remove a Kidney Stone

1. Don’t neglect the water! Though you might not have found success with just drinking water, you still need to keep your daily intake up to at least 100 ounces of water per day. Water keeps the kidneys flushed. Though only 1 in 10 stones need a little more than water, you still need to drink plenty of it. Many alternative doctors recommend distilled water because of being mineral-free! Completely pure!

2. Fiber and water soluble fiber is extremely important. You should be eating at least a couple salads a day (spinach is best). You should also be eating at least 6-7 servings of fruits and veggies daily. Your grains or carbs should all be whole grains with a high dietary fiber content (look at labels).

3. Phosphoric acid is present in some beverages and is also a great way to begin dissolving calcium based kidney stones. Kidney stones are usually calcium based which can be dissolved easily.

4. Exercise is also important because of shifting. Shifting is when your body will shift and actually allow the stones to be more likely to pass. Most stones will pass after a moderate exercise program. Therefore, go on that daily walk!

5. Finally, eat healthy! There are numerous ‘bad’ lifestyle habits that are conducive to kidney stones. Avoid these! For instance, high sugar foods can make you more likely to develop stones. Being overweight can also put you at risk. Not getting enough water daily is also a risk!

Natural Kidney Stone Removal in 24 Hours

Imagine being kidney stone free and pain-free in 24 hours. With only 2 ingredients (all found at any grocery store), you can learn how to dissolve and pass your kidney stone(s) in less than 24 hours. And this is 100% guaranteed to work or you don’t pay a cent. Download a remedy report now!

Joe Barton and Barton Publishing would like to teach you how to be stone-free in 24 hours. Try our 100% guaranteed, doctor-approved, researched Kidney Stone Remedy Report now!

Natural Kidney Stone Removal


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