GERD Reflux – How to Cure Reflux the Old-Fashion Way

It is amazing how things come and go in cycles! And it is the same with a GERD reflux cure! Because many of the same remedies that have been used for centuries are finally being researched and proved legitimate.

In fact, some experts believe that some GERD Reflux remedies can outperform antacids! If you are finding that your antacids are working less and less, you may want to switch to some old-fashion home treatments!

Cure Reflux at Home

In order to treat this embarrassing disease you may need to change your diet, a lifestyle habit and heal your sphincter. The lower esophageal sphincter (also known as the LES) is responsible for keeping food and stomach acid in your stomach. Unfortunately, the sphincter sometimes becomes weak or damaged over time. When this occurs, GERD Reflux is the result.

To cure this disease, it is important to avoid a variety of foods and beverages that may be doing more harm. You should avoid spicy foods and also smoking. Avoid drinking carbonated beverages and alcohol for the next few weeks.

Drinking water is helpful for your LES because it cleanses it! After every meal or snack, try to drink at least one cup of water to create a tight seal between the LES and the sphincter. You should also eat plenty of soft foods because they are less damaging to the tissue. Honey is also a great remedy because it has been shown to naturally heal damaged tissue.

Lastly, you can also try a variety of remedies that also work. For instance, drinking a cup of aloe vera juice can drastically help your sphincter heal. The result could be being heartburn and GERD free!

Avoid Antacids and Cure Reflux

What are the 7 most effective ways to cure this disease? Learn what research is showing about this disease and how it can be healed naturally.

Cure Reflux

Joe Barton and Barton Publishing have helped thousands of sufferers with their GERD Reflux Remedy Report. It is 100% guaranteed to work, researched and even doctor-approved!

GERD Reflux


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