Remedy for UTI – Cranberries and Urinary Tract Infections

You may have heard of the UTI sufferer who claims that they have cured their infection by drinking a gallon of cranberry juice. Though cranberries have surprisingly miraculous effects when it comes to this type of infection, you should know what types of cranberry juice and how much.

In this article, you will learn a simple and effective remedy for UTI and how cranberries could save you hours of pain and lots of money.

Cranberries and Urinary Tract Infections

For years, people have raved how cranberries are the best natural cure for urinary tract infections. And in some cases, they are correct! However, many people are not having the success they would like with this mystery fruit.

Let me explain how cranberries can help prevent and cure your infection in a matter of hours.

Remedy for UTI – Cranberries

Only recently have cranberries been studied as a legitimate cure for urinary tract infections. The studies indicated that a compound in the fruit can actually change the thermodynamic properties of the bacteria in the urinary tract.

In simpler terms, a compound found in the cranberry fruit will actually alter the E coli bacteria so it will not be able to attach itself to your bladder walls. Because the E coli bacteria is the main cause of this type of infection, the researchers studied this bacteria.

They found that the UTI-causing E coli have hair-like arms that attach themselves to the cells in the urinary tract. However, when the bacteria was introduced to cranberries the hair-like arms were unable to attach the bacteria to your cells.

In other words, cranberries did show promising results for curing infections. However, many people abuse this UTI remedy or do not know how much to drink.

You should remember the following:

1. Unsweeted cranberry juice is very popular and very effective. You should drink up to 3 glasses daily but watch the calorie intake.

2. Cranberry tablets have also been popular and are just as effective.

3. You can also supplement the fruit which would be eaten in one cup servings (3 to 4 times daily).

4. Do not forget to also help your bladder and tract flush by drinking plenty of water every day. Doctors say you should be drinking 1 glass for every hour you are awake.

5. Do not drink too much cranberry juice because of the abundance of sugar. Too much sugar can cause more harm than healing.

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