Natural Acid Reflux Cure Works Better than Antacids

Have you tried a variety of antacids but they never seem to work in the long term? You are not alone and many people struggle with the same situation. And that is why a natural acid reflux cure may be your best bet when it comes to treating heartburn and reflux.

You probably know that reflux is caused when the body refluxes stomach acid into the esophagus. Antacids work great to neutralize the acid but will not be adequate if this occurs more than once a week.

In this article you will learn a natural acid reflux cure that could outperform antacids.

Natural Acid Reflux Cure

1. Begin your alternative treatment by eating only soft foods for 2 days. You should avoid eating hard, crunchy foods that could damage the sphincter and esophagus more. The esophagus and sphincter are the 2 tissues that are responsible for causing your symptoms. Avoid foods like toast, cereal, granola bars, chips and crackers.

2. You should also avoid acidic foods and spicy foods. This would include staying away from carbonated, alcoholic and acidic drinks.

3. Drink water and not coffee. Coffee is very acidic and can cause more harm to your sphincter and esophagus. You should drink a full glass of water after every meal to cleanse the sphincter above the stomach opening.

4. You should also try to eat an apple whenever you feel any type of discomfort.

5. Finally, you might also try to eat a teaspoon of honey when you feel discomfort. Honey has been shown to naturally cure tissue that is damaged and this will also work for the damaged sphincter and esophagus.

Cure Reflux in Hours

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Natural Acid Reflux Cure

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Natural Acid Reflux Cure


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