Honey for Heartburn and Other Acid Reflux Remedies

I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails lately with the subject titled ‘Honey for Heartburn“. The reflux sufferer asks the legitimacy of this common and popular remedy for acid reflux. Because I specialize in natural health and acid reflux, I run into a lot of these questions.

In this article, I hope to answer the ‘honey for heartburn’ question and also hope to give you some other acid reflux remedies you may wish to try.

Acid Reflux Remedies

The best natural cure for acid reflux or heartburn is one that works permanently. That is one of many reasons why I am not a fan of antacids. Antacids only work for a short time and eventually make your symptoms worse if you continue to use them.

However, acid reflux remedies work permanently. In other words, natural home treatments aim is to cure the problem for good by repairing the body to normal condition. In the case of heartburn, your lower esophageal sphincter will need to be repaired or strengthened back to normal condition. If you do this, you will have cured your disease and all the symptoms that follow.

Here is a natural cure that works!

Is Honey a Heartburn Cure?

Honey could be called the king of remedies because it is a very popular remedy in the east. Research shows that honey does have healing powers. Specifically, it can repair damaged tissue like the lower esophageal sphincter.

Honey works because it has actually a miracle compound that helps tissue repair itself. That is why the older generation would put it on cuts or scrapes. With acid reflux, honey is intended to heal the sphincter which is responsible for keeping food and acid in the stomach.

The remedy works by the patient eating at least 3 teaspoons of honey daily. The sufferer will suck on the teaspoons whenever an attack is coming on. I recommend sucking on a teaspoon right before bed to get the healing benefits during the night.

Many of my customers have had success with this home treatment. But they have also included their diet to help with the home treatment. For instance, you should also avoid spicy and acidic foods during your first few days of treatment. It is also important to eat apples regularly if you feel an attack coming on.

More Acid Reflux Remedies

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Acid Reflux Remedies

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Honey for Heartburn


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