Need Help with Kidney Stones? Try Natural Remedies that Dissolve Calcium

Are you looking for help with kidney stones? Specifically, calcium kidney stones? Many patients with this common disease have a difficult time passing them if the stones are bigger than 5 mm.

In this article, you will learn a few natural remedies that work specifically to dissolve and pass calcium stones. So if ‘drinking plenty of water’ is not working, you may want to try these simple home treatment tips.

Natural Remedies Dissolve Calcium

Did you know that about 90% of all stones in your kidneys are composed of calcium? I tell you this because calcium is an extremely brittle mineral that can actually be dissolved by a variety of acids.

Many people scoff at a remedy that uses acids to dissolve the calcium compounds. The reason why such a remedy works is because the liver, which filters out the junk the body takes in, does not filter acids. Therefore, acids can make their way to the kidneys to begin their work on dissolving the kidney stones.

Though this may sound ‘too good to be true’; it does actually work! Thousands of people with 5 mm kidney stones are bigger will try these remedies each week and find success. Here are a couple remedies you should try today.

Tips to Help with Kidney Stones

1. Continue to drink water! I am sure you have been drinking plenty of water since your doctor recommended it weeks ago but continue to do so. Research has found that distilled water with no minerals is probably your best option because it will not add to the composition of the stones. You should also aim to drink at least 100 ounces daily through the whole day.

2. Vitamin C is also a great remedy that does not get talked about. Vitamin C is actually an acid called ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is found in numerous vegetables and fruits. Supplementing about 2000 mg daily is adequate. The better option is to eat at least 5 vegetable servings daily and 2 fruit servings. Not only do fruits and vegetables have ascorbic acid to dissolve the calcium deposits, they also have fiber to flush the stones once they are partially dissolved.

3. Supplementing phosphoric acid regularly has also helped thousands of patients too! Phosphoric acid is an interesting acid because it is used in many of the beverages we drink plus it is also found in cleaning supplies. This acid is harmless to the human body but has been shown to dissolve calcium build-up. Dissolving calcium build-up is why many cleaning suppliers add this acid to their cleaning products.

Because phosphoric acid can be found in common beverages we drink everyday, it makes the perfect remedy. The only shortfall to using phosphoric acid is that you must drink 2 liters of this acidic beverage.

Passing Kidney Stones by Tomorrow

Passing your stones can be a lot simpler than you imagine. Most people will pass their stones within 24 hours of trying our Remedy Report. And because we believe it will work, we have put a 100% satisfaction guarantee on it for 1 whole year. Try it today!

Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

Need help with kidney stones? Joe Barton and Barton Publishing offer a 100% guaranteed, researched and step by step remedy report. Learn what 2 grocery store items you need today.

Help with Kidney Stones


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