High Blood Pressure Remedy or Medication – What Treatment is the Most Effective?

October 12, 2008

You have a decision to make! High Blood Pressure Remedy or Medication?

Most hypertension sufferers choose to take the medication but many are now switching to natural health to treat their high blood pressure.

Before you make your decision, you should know the pros and cons about each treatment and which ones are more realistic for your lifestyle.

Why You Should Choose a High Blood Pressure Remedy?

Hypertension remedies are the newest rave for people who suffer from HBP. Because of research and numerous studies, doctors now know that lowering salt and losing weight are NOT the only way to lower your score.

In fact, there are numerous ways you can lower your HBP score in literally hours. In fact, some say that there are well over 25 ways you can naturally normalize your hypertension. For instance, many people are now using vitamin therapy, minerals, supplements, nutrition, herbs, meditation, and reflexology treatments to name a few.

All of these treatments contribute to your total health. Many people now use the term ‘holistic health’ because you are using the whole body to treat high blood pressure naturally.

The bonus of treating your high blood pressure is you will most likely lose weight, cut body fat, lose inches, feel healthier as well as have more energy. Unfortunately, many people struggle taking time to take care of their health. (Obviously, it might be simpler to pop a pill!)

High Blood Pressure Medication – A Lazy Person’s Treatment

High blood pressure medication works by either slowing down the circulation or elevating pressure on the arteries. And it has helped millions of sufferers normalize their score.

Obviously, medication is the most convenient treatment because all you need to do is pop a few pills each day and watch your salt intake. However, many studies are showing that medications are not really treating the cause (plaque and cholesterol blocking the arteries) but only masking or hiding the problem.

Finally, high blood pressure medications come with a hand full of side effects. The side effects associated with diuretics, beta blockers, alpha blockers and vasodilators include loss of nutrients, headaches, nausea, asthma symptoms, low cholesterol problems, increase of hair, gain of weight and depression.

Because of the harsh side effects, many doctors are now encouraging their patients to try simple natural remedies before medication. Because high blood pressure is completely reversible, you may be able to normalize your score within a week.

How to Prioritize Your Health and Normalize Your Pressure

I recently heard a great quote, “You can spend money or time on your health now, or you spend money and time on your health later.”

This makes sense if you think about it! When we were young and concerned more about our careers, family and life, we didn’t think twice about our health. Because our health didn’t matter. But now it does! We have our dreams! We have our family! But if we don’t have our health, we don’t have anything.

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Hypertension Natural Cure- Choosing a High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy over Meds

April 3, 2008

Why should you choose a hypertension natural cure over the medication that your doctor describes? There are numerous reasons and you should educate yourself before you choose your treatment or switch your treatment. Because your life could depend upon it?

Did you know that 1 in 3 American adults suffer from the silent killer of hypertension, also called high blood pressure? The unfortunate thing is that half of those people do not even know they suffer from the disease.

If you are diagnosed with the disease, you should consider why natural health has been revolutionizing what doctors think about hypertension treatment.

In some cases, a hypertension natural cure could be more effective and safer for the person and their health.

High Blood Pressure Medication Side Effects

You leave the doctor heading to the pharmacists to pick up your hypertension medication and the words, “Lose weight, cure your salt and exercise” echo in your head. Is this the only thing you can do for treating the silent killer? NO!

In most cases, doctors are not fully telling you how you can treat high blood pressure. They may tell you the basics but let’s face it, ‘who doesn’t know that eat healthy and exercising is good for you?’

Did they also forget to tell you high blood pressure medication side effects?

1. Diuretics- Diuretics rid the body of sodium and water. They work by making your kidneys excrete more sodium in the urine. The sodium will then take the water from your body. This is result in a decrease of fluid flowing through your blood vessels, which reduces the pressure on the walls of your arteries.

The problem is that diuretics suck precious nutrients right out of your body and can lead to other diseases and complications.

2. Beta Blockers- Beta blockers work by blocking the effects of the hormone epinephrine. The result is the heart beats more slowly thereby reducing blood pressure. Beta blockers also help the blood vessels relax and open to improve blood flow.

The problem is that beta blockers are addicting, cause asthma like symptoms, cause dangerously low good cholesterol and causes extreme fatigue.

3. Alpha Blockers- Alpha Blockers relax certain muscles and help small blood vessels to remain open. They release a hormone that stimulates the walls of smaller arteries and veins. The result is an increase in blood flow and a drop in blood pressure.

The problem is that alpha blockers will often cause a migraine and nausea. They also will cause extreme fatigue as well as weight gain (which will contribute to a greater risk of high blood pressure).

Choosing a High Blood Pressure Natural Remedy

We recommend you treat the disease and not the symptoms! Our High Blood Pressure Remedy Report cures hypertension by literally flushing the plaque out of the arteries.

A good hypertension natural cure treatment should always involve your diet, the vitamins you supplement, exercise and supplementing your mineral intake. Here are some hypertension tips to remember.

1. Decrease your salt intake to less than 2,400 mg a day or possibly less.
2. Try the DASH Diet.
3. Supplement 3 important minerals: calcium, potassium, and magnesium.
4. Make fiber a priority. Especially water-soluble fiber.
5. Exercise for at least a half an hour a day. Release the endorphins and become addicted to exercise.
6. Always choose water!
7. Discover breathing exercises you can do at you work desk that increase blood flow.
8. Supplement Apple Cider Vinegar!

Start Your Natural Health Treatment Today!

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