Getting Rid of UTI – Do Cranberries Cure Urinary Tract Infections?

May 11, 2010

Getting rid of UTI can be extremely difficult for 1 in 4 people. If you have suffered from multiple infections, you are most likely someone who should try natural remedies. Urinary tract infection natural remedies have been gaining more and more popularity in recent years. This is most likely the cause of ineffective antibiotics.

If you have tried antibiotics to cure UTI, you may have discovered antibiotics do not work long term. Antibiotics give temporary relief by killing the E coli bacteria which causes most infections. Unfortunately, antibiotics also kill healthy bacteria which promote a healthy urinary tract.

In this article, you will see why cranberries really do cure urinary tract infections.

Get Rid of UTI Today with Cranberries

25% of UTI sufferers will need natural remedies to treat their urinary infection. Natural remedies are becoming more and more popular. In fact, even doctors are now recommending smaller remedies to cure common ailments including kidney stones, acid reflux and even UTI.

One extremely popular remedy for this type of infection is cranberries. Cranberries have been rumored for decades about their healthy power with UTIs. However, only recently have researchers discovered why cranberries can be so effective.

Cranberries contain a miraculous chemical (condensed tannins) which actually inhibit E coli from clinging to the bladder’s walls. Therefore, the bad bacteria will eventually flush itself out of the body if cranberries are supplemented regularly.

Getting Rid of UTI by Tomorrow

1. Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice 3 times per day is a great way to start your natural treatment. The unsweetened cranberry juice is great for the remedy of E coli. It is also relatively low in sugar which is good for urinary infections.

2. Another popular juice which can have similar effects is blueberry juice. Both of these berries contain condensed tannins which are responsible for keeping the bad bacteria flushed.

3. A great snack for both prevention and treatment is cranberries. Many stores carry dried cranberries year round which can be helpful and convenient.

4. Keeping your body flushed is also important. A flushed bladder is more likely to cure itself with plenty of water. You should drink at least 10 glasses of water daily.

5. Resting is also important during your home treatment. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep can help your body fight off the infection along with other immunity tips.

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Getting Rid of UTI


Home Bladder Infection Remedies Work with Common Foods and Herbs

January 31, 2010

Home bladder infection remedies have been around literally for centuries! But fortunately, they have only been researched and proven legitimate in the last few decades. This is very good news considering that millions of people each year will redevelop another urinary tract infection after using antibiotics.

This article is for those people who are looking for natural ways to cure UTIs. You would be surprised about how many common foods and even herbs will cure bladder infections. Here are a few you may want to consider.

Why go Natural with UTI?

There are thousands of sufferers who try natural remedies everyday! We are getting closer where natural health is no longer taboo in the west. Even some doctors are now recommending natural health tips along with medications.

Some say that UTIs are one of the simplest ailments to cure and prevent naturally. This is because many of the foods we eat can help cure and prevent it. Even common health tips like getting enough sleep and exercising have been shown to help treat this bacteria-caused infection.

Here are a list of foods and herbs you should immediately supplement.

Foods and Herbs to Cure Bladder Infection

1. Drinking plenty of water is beneficial because it flushes the bladder and urinary tract.

2. Cranberries and blueberries are very important fruits that should be supplemented to your diet. Both of these fruits have a compound that does not allow the E coli bacteria from adhering to the walls of the bladder.

3. Because UTIs are a bacterial infection, you should be eating plenty of fiber and antioxidants. You can supplement plenty of vegetables and fruits which will usually do the trick.

4. Oats or oat bran cereal are a good way to start the morning. Oats are high in fiber and will flush the bacteria.

5. Most sufferers are deficient in some key vitamins. You should immediately begin supplementing a multi-vitamin with A, C, E and B-5 complex.

6. Because your ‘good’ bacteria count may be low because of previous antibiotics. You should begin to add probiotic yogurts to your diet. These yogurts can help cure UTIs with boosting the good bacteria count.

7. Parsley is one herb that should be supplemented daily.

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Urinary Infection Remedies Work Better Than Antibiotics– 5 Remedies to Try Now

January 11, 2010

Have you tried urinary infection remedies instead of antibiotics? There are numerous patients who have made the switch to natural remedies and you could be the next one!

Have you experienced repeat urinary tract infections? This is most likely the cause of antibiotics! In this article you will learn why antibiotics could be doing more harm to your body and tract than help.

Why Do I Get Repeat Infections?

Many doctors will not prescribe antibiotics to their UTI patients. Why is this? Antibiotics work by killing bacteria. This is a perfect treatment when all the bacteria is harmful. Unfortunately, your urinary tract also contains ‘good’ bacteria that is important to bladder health.

Antibiotic literally means ‘no life’. Antibiotics cannot tell the difference between the ‘good’ bacteria and the ‘bad’ bacteria. And as you might have guessed, killing ‘good’ bacteria will create an unhealthy urinary tract. When the good bacteria count is down in a patient, the patient is more likely to sufferer from repeat infections.

It is also reported that these types of treatments are responsible for the ‘super’ bacterium that is now affecting many western countries. Before you try another prescription, you should try at least a few natural remedies to cure and prevent your infection.

Urinary Infection Remedies

Here are a few of the simplest and most effective UTI remedies that you could try today.

1. Drinking fluids is important to flush the bacteria. You should aim to drink mostly water but you could also drink fruit and vegetable juices. Flushing your bladder is key to keeping the E coli bacteria out of your tract.

2. There are many fruits and vegetables that have been shown to help with flushing the E coli bacteria that causes the infection. However, we strongly recommend eating plenty of cranberries and cranberry juice (unsweetened). This miracle fruit is a great remedy.

3. Boosting the immunity is also important! You should supplement at least2500 mg of vitamin C daily.

4. It is also important to get plenty of zinc to help with your body keep all the vitamins you digest. Zinc helps the body absorb the vitamins to help boost your immunity. Supplement zinc daily.

5. You should also learn what foods help boost the ‘good’ bacteria count in your urinary tract. One commonly used food is to eat a cup of yogurt daily.

Do You Want to Learn More?

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Urinary Infection Remedies

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Treating UTI Naturally – Cranberries Are Not the Only Natural Remedy

December 20, 2009

Treating UTI naturally has been a popular subject in the last decade. Thousands of people are doing it these days as natural health is becoming more a more mainstream. And almost every urinary tract infection sufferer knows about the natural remedy, cranberries.

However, most people didn’t know that cranberries are one small piece of the puzzle for curing urinary tracts naturally. There are numerous alternative treatments that are more effective than cranberries and in this article you will learn a few.

UTI Natural Remedies

I am not going to tell you that cranberries are not an effective way for treating UTI naturally. In fact, I encourage you to start eating cranberries and drinking unsweetened cranberry juice. Another less common remedy is to supplement cranberry tablets.

These remedies work because of a miracle compound found in cranberries. This fruit will actually decling the E coli bacteria that is leaching to the walls of your urinary tract. This was one of the first alternative treatments for this type of infection.

But there is more…

You can also flush the bacteria that is causing the pain with fiber. There are numerous forms of fiber and there are better types than others. For instance, you should be eating plenty of vegetables. But what kinds?

Research shows that eating vegetables with high levels of chlorophyll is very beneficial. For instance, asparagus, spinach and parsley are very high in levels of chlorophyll and they are also high in fiber. Parsley also contains a volatile oil, apiol which acts like a bladder antiseptic.

You should also be making sure you are drinking at least 100 ounces of water throughout a whole day. To do this you could make it a goal to drink at least 1 cup per hour that you are awake. This will help flush the bacteria that is causing the infection.

Boosting your immunity is also important! Supplement both vitamin C and zinc to help out with your immunity. Try to supplement at least 3000 mg daily and taking at least 2-3 zinc lozenges daily. The zinc helps with vitamin absorption.

Finally, you should also be eating yogurt regularly. Especially if you have taken antibiotics in the past year. Yogurt will naturally boost your ‘good’ bacteria levels in your tract which is essential for a cure.

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Top 5 UTI Home Cures – Why Home Treatments Work?

November 17, 2009

Did your antibiotics work? Many patients are switching to UTI home cures because their doctor-prescribed antibiotics did not work. The truth is that you are not alone.

Fact! About 25% of patients using antibiotics will not have any long-term success. In other words, there are a lot of repeat sufferers out there.

That is why thousands of people are trying urinary tract infection home cures to treat their pain. And the best part about this alternative treatment is that it is a cure and a prevention plan. If you cure it naturally, you will also be preventing it.

Why UTI Home Treatments Work?

UTI home treatments work because they work to boost your immunity while flushing or killing the cause of the infection. Urinary tract infections are usually caused by the E coli bacteria that is present in your urinary tract. E coli would be considered a ‘bad’ bacteria because it is causing harm to the body.

There are also ‘good’ bacteria that keeps your bladder and tract in check. Unfortunately, antibiotics cannot tell the difference between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria which is a problem. Antibiotics kill them both. Without ‘good’ bacteria, it is likely that your infection will come back.

UTI home cures work by boosting your immunity, boosting your ‘good’ bacteria count and killing the E coli bacteria that is causing the infection. Here are 5 remedies you may want to try ASAP!

Top 5 UTI Home Cures

1. Boosting your immunity is important. You can do this by supplementing up to 3000 mg daily of vitamin C.

2. Because vitamin C is not always absorbed by the body. You can supplement zinc to help with absorbing the vitamin C. You can find both supplements at any pharmacy.

3. The flushing process is simple but a little time consuming. You need to drink almost a gallon of water a day. In fact, you should be drink 100 ounces (about 12 cups of water) a day. Drinking water flushes the ‘junk’ in the body like toxins, radicals, bacteria, viruses, and other nasty stuff.

4. Your diet is extremely critical. I could write 10 pages on what you need to know about curing this infection and your diet but I will give you one suggestion with your diet. You want to eat at least 7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Always eat more veggies than fruit.

5. Finally, cure the discomfort now! One quick remedy that works is boiling 1 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of parsley. Allow to steep for 10 minutes and drink up! Parsley is a natural antiseptic that will provide immediate relief for the symptoms you are suffering.

Can You Cure it Permanently?

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UTI Home Treatments

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UTI Home Cures

With one trip to the grocery store and 12 hours, Joe Barton and Barton Publishing can have you UTI-free with their step by step UTI Home Cures Remedy Report. Download it now!

UTI Home Cures

Urinary Tract Home Remedy – 5 Ways to Treat Your Infection Naturally from Home

December 8, 2008

I recently got an e-mail asking, ‘What is the best urinary tract home remedy?’ I thought about this question for a bit and responded to this curious U.T.I. sufferer, “A remedy that is researched!”

Obviously, I gave the guy some tips at which ones he should try first. But I think that many of us do not realize that natural health is also a researched treatment. Believe it or not, many people think that natural remedies have not been researched. This is far from the truth! Natural remedy research is at an all-time high! Many remedies have been found legitimate and others have been found completely bunk.

When looking for a urinary tract home remedy, it is important that you know you are finding research ones! Here are some simple tips to treat your infection from your home… naturally!

5 Tips to Cure Urinary Tract Infection

1. Research has all agreed that urinary tract infections are caused by a bacterial infection (usually E coli) that is infecting the urinary tract. All treatments that cure this type of infection must either kill or flush the infection from the body. Antibiotics take the approach of killing all ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria. (This is why antibiotics can cause more harm than good.)

Most natural remedies take the approach of flushing the ‘bad’ bacteria.

You can do this very easily by flushing your bladder and your body. Tip 1 would be to drink plenty of water throughout the day. A good goal would be half your body weight in ounces. If you weigh 150 lbs, you should drink 75 ounces of water per day.

2. Your diet is also paramount in treating your urinary infection naturally. Typically, high water soluble dietary fiber foods (fruits and vegetables) are great because they flush your body. Here is a great list of foods you should start supplementing today: spinach, potatoes, yams, zucchini, squash, onions, broccoli, eggplant, green beans, avocado, grapes, pears and apples.

3. Echinacea is a great herb to begin supplementing as soon as possible. Echinacea is often referred to as the wonder drug of herbs. It is used to treat everything from the common cold to the flu, and it also fights off urinary tract infections. Research shows that Echinacea will boost your immune system and help the body fight off bacterial infections.

4. Along with Echinacea, it would also be a great idea to begin supplementing vitamin C. This vitamin is very important for a healthy immunity. During an infection, this could be the most important vitamin you supplement.

5. Finally, do NOT eat cranberries or drink cranberry juice till you are red in the face. You may have heard that cranberries have a compound which helps flush urinary tract infections. However, you can also do much harm to your infection by consuming too much acid. To discover a step by step remedy using cranberries, please visit Urinary Tract Home Remedy.

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Urinary Tract Home Remedy

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Urinary Infection Home Remedy – How to Treat U.T.I. Naturally (Without Antibiotics)

December 3, 2008

You are officially part of the thousands who are looking for an effective urinary infection home remedy. And you have found the right article if you looking for a urinary tract infection (U.T.I) treatment using no antibiotics.

If you have been watching the news lately, you probably have noticed that many antibiotics are getting a bad rap. In many cases (like urinary infections), antibiotics are doing more harm than good. For instance, over 25% of antibiotic-users will redevelop another infection within the months after treating the initial infection. This is partially to blame on antibiotics killing both good and bad bacteria.

Doctors and researchers are now looking at other options for treatments. And many believe that a simple home remedy is the best option for curing this infection.

Treat Urinary Tract Infection Naturally

Natural health is almost everywhere. Studies show that people are more accepting of natural remedies than ever before. Now that research is even supporting some remedies, many people enjoy the convenience, low cost and health-centered approach to the treatments.

However, it is very important that you choose a research-based remedy. Many remedies are bunk and worthless. In the case of urinary tract infections, it is important that you choose a remedy that flushes your urinary tract and declings the bacteria from the urinary tract’s lining. All of this should take place while restoring your ‘good’ bacteria count and boosting your immune system.

Here are some quick and simple tips to begin your urinary infection home remedy.

5 Tips to Begin Your U.T.I. Home Remedy

1. Drinking plenty of water is a simple way to keep your body and urinary tract (bladder flushed). Studies show that drinking 2 cups of water for every 2 hours you are awake is extremely beneficial. It is also important to go to the bathroom whenever you feel the urge.

2. Your diet can also play an important role in flushing. Make sure that you are eating at least 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Both fruits and vegetables contain water soluble dietary fiber which naturally flushes your body and urinary tract. (To reduce sugar intake it is important to eat more vegetables.)

3. Don’t drink too much cranberry juice! You might have discovered that cranberries actually contain a compound which de-clings E coli bacteria from the lining of your urinary tract. Drinking too much can actually make your symptoms worse because of the sugar effect. Many great remedies contain cranberry supplement pills which can be found at any health food store.

4. Apple cider vinegar is also a very popular remedy. You can supplement 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a tall glass of water (and honey for flavor). This type of vinegar is rich in enzymes and potassium, as well as many other trace minerals. In addition, it is a natural antibiotic that will attack the ‘bad’ bacteria of the infection.

5. Lastly, you should also supplement your diet with vitamin C. This vitamin (taken at 1000 mg daily) will boost your immune system to help attack the bacteria in your urinary tract. A zinc lozenge a day will also be beneficial.

A Guaranteed Home Remedy that Works in 24 Hours

Unfortunately, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the U.T.I cure. Imagine curing your urinary tract infection in the next 24 hours and knowing how to permanently prevent future infections?

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Urinary Infection Home Remedy

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Urinary Infection Home Remedy