Acute Gout Attack Treatment – The Best Gout Treatment Tips for Free

March 30, 2010

Most likely you visited the doctor and discovered that you are in the 1st stage of gout and now you are looking for an acute gout attack treatment. Don’t be discouraged about the news that there is no medicated cure for gout!

There are ways you can both prevent and cure gout but you will need to use your diet, lifestyle habits and a variety of remedies that work to both neutralize, dissolve and flush the uric acid crystal build up. In this article, you will learn about a simple gout attack remedy and some quick and easy tips to have you gout-free in literally hours.

Acute Gout Attack

Acute gout is the 1st stage of the painful symptoms of gout which include intense pain, swelling, redness and heat in the affected joint. The symptoms are the result of a buildup of uric acid which develop into crystals. The joint most often affected is the big toe.

Acute gout attacks will usually peak because a number of factors including nighttime, stress, drinking alcohol or when you are sick. An attack during the acute stage can last anywhere from 3 to 10 days. Unfortunately, subsequent attacks can last for weeks to months. A general rule of thumb is that attacks become stronger and last longer.

This is why you need to take this disease seriously and start your gout home treatment today.

The Best Gout Treatment – Prevention

The best treatment for gout is prevention. Have you ever heard the old saying, “Prevention is the best medicine”? This is completely true for gout. If you start preventing the disease, you will cure it! Here are some tips to begin your home treatment.

1. Your diet is important way to both cause and cure gout. Because being overweight is a risk factor, you should immediately start your diet of eating less and exercising more. Avoid all types of animal-based foods for a couple weeks. Meats, dairy and seafood contain purines which cause uric acid buildup. You should also eat about 5-6 smaller meals (fist size) per day and not the traditional big 3 meals.

2. Drinking alcohol also drastically increases your risk of being diagnosed with gout. If you drink more than 2 drinks a day (most often beer) then you are at risk of developing hyperuricemia which interferes with body’s ability to remove uric acid. And as you may know, uric acid buildup causes gout.

3. Fruits may be your next best friend. Fruits are a great gout remedy because they are loaded with fiber which will help flush your body of the uric acid buildup. But more importantly, many fruits like all berries and cherries have the ability to neutralize the uric acid which causes gout. This can eliminate pain in moments. You should eat cherries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, grapes and avocadoes.

4. The gout baking soda remedy has also been popular because many people believe it will actually dissolve the uric crystals in your pain-ridden joints. Since baking soda is alkaline, it can naturally neutralize acid. In the case of gout uric acid crystals, baking soda can help dissolve the crystals that are causing all the pain.

5. Parsley is also a natural remedy for gout. Parsley acts as a natural diuretic which can help your body flush out the uric acid.

Cure Gout in Hours

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The Best Gout Treatment

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Acute Gout Attack Treatment


Gout Home Treatment – Why Gout Home Remedies Include More than Eating Cherries

July 29, 2008

Are cherries the only gout home treatment? No! In fact, there are numerous ways to reduce uric acid levels and relieve gout symptoms altogether.

Did you know that a doctor named Ludwig W. Blau was once in a wheelchair because of the severity of his gout symptoms? Only after eat a large bowl of polished cherries was Blau able to handle the pain. After starting a treatment of 6 cherries a day, Dr. Blau was able to be free of pain and get out of his wheelchair. Later to be called the doctor who cured gout!

It is no secret that cherries have helped thousands of sufferers relieve the symptoms of gout. But cherries will never cure gout. Cherries work to relieve the symptoms because of a compound that neutralizes the uric acid in the body that causes the pain.

But do you really need to eat cherries everyday to avoid the horrific pain associated with gout. No! Here are other tips from a simple, practical and effective gout home treatment.

Why Gout can be Cured at Home

Like stated earlier, gout is caused when an excess of uric acid is deposited between the joints only to form crystals. The crystals between the joints cause a severe pain, swelling and inflammation. Typically, this disease is associated with the big toe. However, it can also develop in other joints.

Millions of people fall into the trap of taking pain killers to treat their gout. Because pain killers do nothing for the arthritis and only treat the pain, many people do more damage to the joint. A disease that could cost you about $10 a month to treat (vitamins and healthy food) could now cost you thousands of dollars with surgical treatment.

Many doctors recommend you be pro-active with your gout symptoms. Though gout is not curable, you can completely be free from the painful acute attacks associated with it. In fact, you should be able to exercise with no pain at all. Here are some helpful tips to remedy the pain!

Gout Home Remedies that Work!

1. Water is one of the best ways to prevent gout attacks. If your urine is not clear, you are in need of more water in your nutritional plan. Start drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. The water will keep the urine diluted and will flush the body to excrete uric acid and prevent crystals from forming.

2. Research also shows how sufferers are usually potassium deficient. You can start eating foods that are rich in this mineral or supplement it.

3. Fiber is also a great choice. You should eat plenty of water soluble fiber foods that aid in flushing the uric acid. You can do this by eating at least 5-6 fruits or vegetables a day.

4. Keep it elevated! Doctors also recommend keeping your foot elevated to alleviate pain.

5. Finally, be pro-active about your health and your lifestyle. These 5 remedies are just the beginning to complete treatment for gout. You should know how your diet, vitamins, supplements, exercise and other remedies can help or hinder your uric acid levels and gout attacks. Numerous step by step remedies are also available in our Gout Remedy Report that is guaranteed to work!

Don’t Give Up!

Gout has left millions of people in wheelchairs! However, gout has also awoken some people from a debilitating lifestyle to a new healthy lifestyle. What path will you choose?

To discover how you can be healthy again with numerous remedies and a gout prevention plan, please visit our Gout Home Treatment website today. We offer the only 6 month, 100% guarantee on our research that has helped thousands of gout sufferers. Get your Gout Remedy Report today!

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Gout Home Treatment